The Top 8 Celebrities Who Have Rosacea Rosacea / Top Lists

While this list might not seem like it, science has proven that a majority of people who suffer from rosacea are women!

It is unknown why, but for every 3 women diagnosed with rosacea, only 1 man is also diagnosed. So it comes to no surprise that even with celebrities, the odds are no different.

And rosacea, being a chronic condition, should be a real thorn in the foot. But, every celebrity on this list has found her or his own way to deal with it!

8. Cameron Diaz


We start with one of the most known rosacea inflicted celebrities out there, Cameron Diaz, known for her roles in many, many films such as Charles Angels and even appearing as a voice actor in some, like for Princess Fiona in Shrek. This is due to her not being so vigilant at times with keeping her makeup in check to hide them. It might also be because.. She decided to accept it to an extent, and uses it to make her unique? Take a look at this picture, doesn’t the half-covered rosacea actually give her a unique look?






7. Bill Clinton


Bill Clinton. The former president of USA is also one of the well known person who has rosacea. Compared to Cameron, Bill took a different approach to dealing with his skin condition. Instead of trying pretty much anything, he just let it be. In almost all of his pictures that you can find online, he sports a face full of his crab red cheeks. He just went for the saying.. “I don’t care. At all.”.






6. Mariah Carey


Her wide known songs are still, to this day played everyday on radio stations, not to mention the latest song she released, called You’re Mine. Another great song in a long career. Now, while she isn’t an actress, she is a performer who has to get in front of people and sign.. And show her face full of rosacea. Her solution? Finding a completely red face of her is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, so it is safe to assume that she went full on with managing her makeup and public appearance.




5. Renée Zellweger


And another well know actress in our list, Renée Zellweger is yet another succesful movie star, who was very active in her career for a long time, however she has been on a hiatus from making any new movies since 2010. In the times she has made her movies, she was quite obviously not afraid of showing that she has rosacea. However she returned back to the public on a charity event, showing her new looks.






4.Rosie O’Donnell

rosie_o'donnell Rosie O’Donnell. Where to begin? An actress, comedian, controversial, LGBT rights activist and the list goes on and on. Her most known show is the aptly named The Rosie O’Donnell Show. In her long career she always had a case of rosacea going on. In fact, it seems that she took the same route as Cameron did. Instead of worrying about it, she incorporated it into her looks. Imagine, you could look similar if you used a good foundation and makeup.






3. William Shatner


And we get to our second male on the list, William Shatner. His fame and rise to stardom was earned through his acting of Captain James Tiberius Kirk in the renowned series Star Trek. He later went and continued being a part of sequels as well. While he is now older than other celebrities on this list, he still has rosacea from his early days. But due to him being at an age where people start to focus on living instead of looking perfect all the time, he shows his face without any hesitation and shame.







2. Prince Charles and Prince Harry

Who would have thought, that Great Britain’s ruling family would all be ailed with this condition called rosacea? Both Prince Charles and Prince Harry have this condition. Even Prince William exhibits a mild form of it at times. This just shows that genetics are indeed ahuge cause of rosacea. If someone in your family has it, you have a higher chance of having it too. And did you know.. that even Princess Diana had it?



1. Cynthia Nixon


And lastly, we have Cynthia Nixon, one of the actresses in the well know series, films Sex and the City! Lately, her last doing has been in the latest series airing in 2014 called Hannibal. While she has had other more important matters in her life (like her battle with breast cancer that she did won), she at all times had a case of rosacea to fight as well. And fight might be a harsh word, as she didn’t actually need to fight a bear with her bare hands to get anywhere.. She instead decided to cover as much as she could with her regular makeup. And the rest, she just let it be.