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Stretch mark creams seem to have a certain stigma associated with them.

Even though in the last few years the reviews are much more widespread so even if the producer promises too much and cannot deliver, the reviews from actual users posted on sites, shows the true colors of the cream product.

For this reason, here we present the top 4 reasons why amongst all the other methods currently known and used for removing/preventing stretch marks, creams are the best option for a long term, silky smooth skin.



While this differs from each cream, most of them that are designated for removal, are in fact also a decent prevention cream as the ingredients are still transferred to your skin giving it an edge against new scars.

Like when using another method with single ingredients(applying only one ingredient to your skin), they are shown to have an effect at reducing and preventing stretches as the ingredient is beneficial not only for the striae, but also for its general health status.

Pretty much the same with creams, just that creams can have dozens of these tested ingredients in them, providing a wide specter of nutrients, making your skin even more healthy, protected from pesky stretches and other ailments as well.



Amongst all the methods, creams are the ones that have the best possibility to deliver results, by barely scraping your wallet(a few coffees less in a month and there you go).

Homemade solutions when you buy one are undoubtedly the cheapest solution, but due to little research and very mixed reviews(which means it depends a lot on the circumstance you are in) the possibility of removal/fading is much lower, also due to the fact that only one, two or three ingredients are used.

Now one could argue that laser surgery may produce better results, but the fact that it cost thousands of dollars to do a full removal, without a complete guarantee or results, leaves much to be desired.

Same with skin surgery, while being the only one to actually completely remove stretches, the surgery itself produces damage scars and costs even higher, up to 20 thousand dollars and more depending how severe your stretch marks are.


stretch marks before after

If you leave the skin to heal by itself, on an average person with an average lifestyle it can take years for the scars to whiten and slowly turn into the original color, fading and becoming less visible.

Those who are in shape and regularly exercise can reduce this time to maybe a year or 2, but still a very long time.

Now with those who are even slightly overweight can actually elevate the problem if not taken care of, as the extra weight that is putting pressure on the skin can even produce new scars over time and never really let them heal.

Only if using some sort of prevention cream can they make it strong enough to hold itself from ripping apart.

Now, if you do have stretches, waiting years and living with those unsightly stretches is not something you’d like, and creams can speed this time and actually do a much better job than the skin can on its own.

As said before, when using this products you are actually delivering materials for the body to use to heal better and fast, reducing the time from years to merely a few weeks in the best case.

And the results after those few weeks are even better than if left alone for years.



Very overlooked factor that is actually very important, nutrients.

No matter what other method there is, creams are the only ones (apart from homemade ingredients, which is basically like applying only a part of a cream) that actually deliver micro-nutrients to the skin.

Either surgery, needling or lasers only stimulate healing or remove the scars themselves. Other than this, they give no other benefits at all to the skin itself.

Since these products include nutrients who are basically just natural ingredients like vitamins and minerals, they are exactly what your skin needs, but the body mostly cannot produce on its own, so giving these nutrients to it is very important for its general health.

This makes creams not only beneficial for removing/fading/preventing stretch marks, but also as a long term help solution and in cases with lotions(which are just less oily creams) they can also be used as great moisturizers.

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