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What is Skinception Stretch Mark Cream?

Skinception claims to be able to completely remove your stretch marks after a certain time.

The company behind it is a big brand that also has other products for skin care under their belt, signaling that either their marketing is great and/or their products are great.

Either way, actual reviews from customers are the deciding factors in these situations.

And they are very, very mixed. Some report great, while other report no improvement at all, showing that it is not a universal works-for-everyone cream.

It claims the following:

  • Fades your stretch marks by 72.5%
  • 4 Weeks visible results.
  • 9 Month Mom-To-Be offer implies to be able to prevent new stretch marks.

What is the reality?

While it can work, the removal rate is not 72.5%, but closer to 40-50%.
Most people see results in 4 weeks.
Removal is questionable, but for prevention it works pretty well.


  • Darutoside
  • Pro-Coll-One
  • Pro-Sveltyl
  • Regestril
  • No other ingredients stated.


Use at least twice per day, once in the morning and once in the evening. No special instructions for applying it, just massage it in your skin for it to absorb it more quickly. Do this for about 4 – 8 weeks to start seeing results on your skin.

User Reviews

“Purchased this cream for my belly stretch marks. They were deep so I was skeptical about this cream at first. It has a nice smell and takes a long time to dry. You also need to be consistent with it. I applied it twice every day and even then it took a month for results. The improvement is about 50% and I hope to have even more as I continue applying it.”

Testimonial Rita

“Used Skinception more than a month, and it didn’t do anything! Probably because I did not use it for more than a month, but I do not think it is worth it. Smells great though.”

Testimonial Liz G.
Liz G.

“I saw a slight improvement in the color of my stretch marks, but it definitely isn’t a miracle cream. I can say that it does have a very nice scent to it. “

Testimonial Anonymous

“In the last year I tried about 5 different creams to fade my white stretch marks on my shoulders. Used this one for a good month and it really makes a difference. I will probably order another jar, as this is the best fading product for me right now.”

Testimonial Elizabeth M.
Elizabeth M.

Skinception Stretch Mark Cream Ratings

  • 96%
    Great Customer Support - 96%
  • 95%
    90 Days Money Back Guarantee - 95%
  • 69%
    4 weeks + to see Results - 69%
  • 70%
    Average+ User Reviews - 70%
  • 97%
    Pleasant Fruit Smell - 97%
  • 71%
    Average+ Cost / Results Ratio - 71%
  • 73%
    69,95$ Cost - 73%

Final Verdict

Skinception is a stretch mark cream that is a good product by itself, however remember that those who report good results are generally pregnant women who have used it to prevent new stretch marks. It is a good prevention treatment, however if you wish to remove stretch marks, you might want to consider other products.

User Review
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