Are Skin Tags A Sign Of Cancer or Diabetes? Skin Tags

Cancer and diabetes.

While very different diseases, they are both somewhat linked to skin tags.

But which one is linked truthfully?

But what of it is true or not?

Diabetes, Skin Tags and Their Link

diabetes skin tags

Skin tags, precursor to diabetes?

  • The first important fact to remember is that people who are diabetic are more prone to receive tags.
  • This was tested by taking a group of people who all had skin tags, testing them for signs for obesity and diabetes. and the verdict was that while the people that did have skin tags and were diabetic had a slight increase.
  • However, the increase was not enough to warrant any sort of direct connection between diabetes and skin tags.
  • Meaning that being diabetic is not a precursor for skin tags, however the chance that you will have them is slightly increased.

While there are no scientifically confirmed reasons, the best tested reason is that a person with insulin resistance or a pre-diabetic person has had an increased forming of skin tags, when before he had none.

  • If you are in a similar situation, it may be a good idea to check in with your doctor, just to rule out the possibility of a diabetes forming.
  • Chances are, it will be nothing as while being a good indicator, in most cases it is not why the skin tags were formed.

Another factor is that people who have diabetes, are usually overweight to a certain degree.

Due to this, their skin is at all times under constant friction due to clothes and the skin itself. And being that friction is a major reason for skin tags to form, they increase dramatically in people who are overweight, no matter if they are diabetic or not.

In essence, it may just be that people with diabetes have no increased risk, because of their diabetes, but only their increased weight.

Cancer, Skin Tags and Their Link

cancer skin tags

Could skin tags be a precursor to cancer?

We’ve covered diabetes, and established that while there may be some connection, it is not even worth concerning yourself with it.

But what about cancer, do skin tags have any link to it?

  1. First, before you make any sort of conclusion whatsoever, take another look at your skin tag and determine with 100% accuracy that what have is in fact a skin tag.
  2. Done? Alright.
  3. If not, really go back and check because this conclusion only applies to skin tags, wart and moles might be different.


  • So, basically those little rice shaped, skin color or brownish, balls of smudged skin have formed somewhere on your body usually armpits or neck.
  • But now you don’t know if this means might mean that cancer is around the corner and this is just a precursor.


In more or less all cases that a skin tag was formed, cancer was nowhere to be seen, even after the removal, because skin tags are inherently benign or non-cancerous.

  • This applies to roughly about 99.99% to all of the people who have them.
  • Now, before you ask what about the 0.01%, those are special cases in which the skin tag is actually something else or suddenly doubles in size and is not treated.
  • That is why its important that you accurately diagnose yourself that you actually have a skin tag as then you are home free and in no danger or cancer.

There we go, now you know that:

1. The link between diabetes and skin tags is diminishable, not worth even thinking about it
2. The link between cancer and skin tags is nonexistent

If you are however still fearful and would just want to get rid of it for a peace of mind, check this simple removal guide.