Does Tanning Help With Stretch Marks or Makes Them Worse? Stretch Marks

There is a lot of controversy around tanning, its benefits and downfalls and if there are any worth wile positive sides to it. One thing is for certain though, when you tan, your skin color darkens a certain amount (more if you have fair colored skin) on its first layer. When this happens, your skin becomes darker than your original color, but not your stretch...

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The Truth Whether Guys Care About Your Stretch Marks Stretch Marks

Asked hundreds of times, let us end this misconception once and for all, and reveal the truth whether guys actually care about your stretch marks or not. First, and biggest important factor whether a guy cares about your scars is completely dependent on his personality so saying the same thing for everyone is pointless. If he wants a perfect princess for his girl/wife, he will...

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Can Microdermabrasion Be Used for Stretch Marks? Stretch Marks

First it is important to know what even microdermabrasion is and what it does when used on your skin. Does it hurt? Does it do anything or is it just the new fad going around that suddenly everyone is doing? Read on. So what is MicroDermabrasion? To start on a formal note, Microdermabrasion is a relatively new method for exfoliating your skin. This is done...

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