Is Bio Oil a Great Solution for Stretch Marks or Not? Stretch Marks

Treating stretch marks has become much more easier in the last few years, especially with a lot of new treatments showing up for you to try. One of these treatments is Bio Oil.

The first and most important fact that you might be aware of, is it’s controversy. Since the well known Kim Kardashian has used it, a lot of people have tried it since then. And it is these people that tell a simple story:  It does not seem to be consistent at all. It works for some and it doesn’t for some others. It’s a shot in the dark.

Basically, it shows why it is so important that you find a treatment that works for your skin and stretch mark color as the Bio oil users were of all ages and colors, but the Bio Oil seems to only work for a few combinations.

So, what even is Bio Oil?

bio oil stretch marks

Bio Oil is a SkinCare Oil Solution.

This means that it is not only made for stretch marks, but also for:

  • Scars
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Aging and dehydrated skin.

Regardless of how effective it is towards a single problem, its wide range of other beneficial effects on your skin cannot be ignored as almost everyone will benefit from it, if nothing else it can serve as a good moisturizer.

A positive note is that the oil has successfully passed safety assessments in accordance with the Regulation of the European Parliament, not to add that several studies have been done on its efficiency.

This means that the ingredients inside are at their allowed values, so they won’t affect you at all (or your baby, making it possible to use it during pregnancy). In general, all parts of it are either created naturally, recyclable and within regulations.

But What About Performance, Results of Bio Oil?

While this is a great start, the focus is on its actual usage and how well it performs.

Reviews show that it is very, very dependent on the person using it.

Roughly around half are satisfied, while the other half either have problems with it or get no satisfactory results.

Knowing this, one would double think whether it is worth buying it or not. In many cases, these reviews report little to no progress on their scars, but most of them say positive words to its ability to make your skin more supple and vibrant. In the long run, this oil can serve as a good addition to your treatment if you want to lighten your stretch marks.

For example, here is someone that has used Bio Oil for 4 Weeks and their results:

bio oil before using

Before Picture of using Bio Oil

bio oil after using

After Picture of using Bio Oil

As you can see, an improvement is definitely visible for this individual. However, you can also see that it only faded/slightly improved it, but barely did anything to the whole picture.

It is probably the cheapest commercial product that you can buy that has some benefits for removing stretch marks, as it only costs about 8 – 20$ depending on where in the world you buy it. The other similar product is vitamin e oil, giving similar results at the same price.

To sum it up, you might not get the results you initially wanted and you might be better off adding 10$ more for a better cream product, but if you do not mind spending the money and are also looking for other benefits(moisturizing, nice smell..) then bio oil might be enough for you.

And even if the bio oil does not give you a satisfying result, you always have decently priced creams still available that when you pick a good one, it can yield much better results.