How Do You Really Lose Your Stretch Marks? Stretch Marks

Even though your question is how to lose stretch marks, let’s start on the other side of the question first.

If you would by some weird chance want scars, it is really easy!

And it is because of this that everyone want to either avoid getting them in the first place, as once they come in, they can present a big dent in ones self-confidence.

However, actually loosing your stretch marks is another story altogether, and while it is not hard at all with all the medical breakthroughs in the last decade, just picking something at random is as trying to catch fish with your bare hands.

For this reason, we have taken the fishes and put them in a nice little barrel, so your work is 1000 x times faster and easier!


live healthy

Wow, this is the best piece of advice ever!

But no joke, this is actually rather valid advice.

Your skin is good with healing its own damages as it does this for your whole life whether you do anything about it or not.

If you give it enough nutrients and hydration and keep your body in shape, it has the potential of almost perfect healing.

Know however that unless you are really young, the stretch marks will never completely go away and some sort of mark will always be there, even if barely visible.

The total cost is as the name applies, nothing additional from your normal daily routines.



Since your skin is great, but not perfect, you can help it the most by applying nutrients directly.

This is done via cream/oil/lotion products. All of them have in common the fact that they have ingredients(completely natural) that have been tested and verified to aid mustela double action cream the skin in speeding up the healing process.

While its normal healing can take months if not years, the results using creams usually occur in the first month or 2 and never take longer than 3 months.

They do cost a bit, around 30 – 90$, which is not that much in the bigger picture as that kind of money is spent buying a few cups of coffee.


laser stretch mark surgery

Laser surgery is something that has appeared lately as the industry has matured, but it still has a bit of “not sure” feel to it for most people.

While it is still recommended to try the cheaper methods first, they do actually stimulate the dermis layer which is where your stretch marks actually are.

It can be very expensive, around 700$ per single visit and to get results you would need to visit them around 4-5x times.

Again, use at your own risk, as the increased payment does not guarantee better results.


skin and laser surgery

The only reason why this is one of the fish in the barrel is for those who have REALLY severe scars or would do anything no matter what the cost to get rid of them immediately.

Remember that after the surgery, you will have some downtime as the surgery scars will need to heal. However, this is the only method that permanently removes them.

Its costs also range up from 10-20 thousand dollars, making it a really big investment that could be spent buying a new car or a better bed to sleep comfortably on, so think twice, trice or ten times before making such a big investment.

Closing Verdict

What is recommended is the combination of the first and second tip, optionally third as well.

As striae are not a serious medical condition, using surgery is not recommended.

Having some decent life habits combined with the benefits of healing ingredients from creams and you have yourself one of the best solution there is to lose your stretch marks in a pretty good time.

Also, compared to the money that is spent on other parts, a pretty cheap way to lose the marks.