What? Freezing Skin Tags Is A Good Cure? Skin Tags

Taking a look at yourself, you see that you have some skin tags.

We’ll you can’t have those staying, making you feel bad now can you?

And you take a ride through this world of skin tag treatments, searching for a cure that if possible won’t be painful, and won’t make a hole in your wallet..

While for some problems finding a cure, guide, treatment that will work on the first try every time is easy and straightforward, this isn’t always the case with skin tags, where it can be pretty much as good as a wild guess.

  • Skin tags have a lot of interesting ways to cure them, all from using home tools to using specialized cream solutions, to even FREEZING them!
  • Chilly. But not really.
  • Because you won’t feel anything at all.

The skin tag (or tags) can’t feel anything as it is essentially dead skin cells clumped together. So if you will apply anything there, you won’t feel a thing.

But is freezing skin tags safe?

When freezing skin tags, you will be using a solution called liquid nitrogen. You’ve probably heard of it, if nowhere else, through movies where they use it to freeze someone and then break them into a million pieces! Now for that to happen to you, you would need a lot of liquid nitrogen. What you will be using is a kit, which will have droplet amounts of the nitrogen.. So that the worst that can happen is some skin freeze.

  • It is as safe as a car is safe. You can still get into accidents with it.
  • It was designed to be safe. Meaning that the chance of an accident is very, very low.

But just like a car, if it’s handled the wrong way, it can produce some really bad side effects.

  • Skin freeze – If you decide to use a bigger amount of liquid nitrogen and just pour it on your skin without any protection, you are almost standing with one foot in the grave at that point. So while some people suggest it, unless it is accompanied by people who know what they are doing, it can be dangerous. So no liquid nitrogen at home, unless you buy them in really small amounts (like eye drops amounts).
  • Money loss – Freezing solutions are not cheap, and mostly they come in packages to remove warts. And while it’s good that the amount isn’t too big (so no accidents happen), it might be a problem if you ever get new skin tags. Just like that, you will have to order a new package.. What a pain.

However, it is designed to be safe.

  • Small amounts – While pouring the whole bottle is not a good idea, it probably won’t threaten your life. Enough to get the job done, but not enough to permanently damage yourself.
  • All you need in One Place – most kits will come with all the essentials that you require to do it safely, including some cotton buds or even tweezers. Some kits even include some medical gloves to prevent any sort of contamination when you apply the freezing solution.

Is it worth the cost?

Freezing by itself is a simple concept and it works by itself.

If it’s worth to you is another story.

  1. Are you willing to order a freezing kit, when you could get a cheaper solution with similar results?
  2. Are you comfortable performing the procedure that, if you are not careful, might give you frostbite on your skin?
  3. Do you have the skin tag in a hard-to-reach or very sensitive area?
  4. For example, some skin tags appear on your groin or armpits. Would you be comfortable applying a potentially dangerous solution on such tender areas?

In the end, that is what matters.

What are YOU willing to do to get rid of your skin tags?

If you are not willing to put up with the possible dangers, there are always alternatives like home solutions or just using creams that cannot hurt your skin in any way.