Skin Tags

Skin Tags, are they Dangerous or Harmless? Skin Tags

One day, minding your own business and not doing anything in particular, you spot that a weird nudge of skin has sprouted from your skin. If you have seen this before, you can immediately figure out that it’s a skin tag. If this is your first one and you are not sure what it is, you should then identify it with certainty first, so you...

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The 3 Different Colors Of Skin Tags And How To Treat Them Skin Tags

Skin tags can come in different shapes and sizes, even though the usual is around your color, and the size of a rice bean. What is more important, is that they also come in different colors at some times, not just the usual brown/darker skin color tint color. And no matter what this situation, if you have a different colored skin tag, it rapidly changes...

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What are Skin Tags and Why Do We Even Get Them? Skin Tags

More or less everyone in their lives will or has at one point of their lives had skin tags. You might have had them as well and just didn’t notice them. If you have them now, it is important to know as much as you can about them as chances are, it will come in handy as you will be at complete ease when you...

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Simple Treatment for Irritated, Inflamed and Bleeding Skin Tags Skin Tags

Skin tags on their own can be quite surprising if you never had them before. Firstly you might want to try identifying them first with 100% certainty, so that you can be sure it’s a skin tag. The usual color is black, brown or close to skin color.. And you may be asking: Then why is mine red, big or even bleeding? Will they get...

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Best Skin Tag Removal Treatments Reviews / Skin Tags

As harmless as skin tags appear to be, they can put a big dent on your confidence and well being. It is because they look so out of place and can itch or generally be uncomfortable that the desire to remove them is so great. And the first problem that comes up.. Is that there is almost a lack of good skin tag removal products....

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The Secret Behind Using Tea Tree Oil for Skin Tags Skin Tags

Having a skin tag can be a really uncomfortable situation, especially if the tag shows up on a rather visible area, like the face or neck. Cutting them off is not always an option, as there is always a risk of infection and severe bleeding. But as uncomfortable as they are, they are not dangerous to your medical health. This doesn’t matter right now, what...

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