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What is Clean and Clear?

clean and clear acne

It claims the following:

  • 30 days to start seeing results.
  • It claims to have a 95% success rate.
  • It claims to be good to use for all skin types.

What is the reality?

When results happen, it is almost always within 30 days.
It is not the advertised 95% success rate, especially since there are not a lot of user reviews at this point. It is however, above average.
Those with bad experiences report bad skin reactions, it is unknown whether it is caused by skin type though.

User Reviews


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Testimonial Gina W.
Gina W.


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Clean And Clear Solution Ratings

  • 70%
    Customer Support Varies - 70%
  • 20%
    Usually No Moneyback - 20%
  • 86%
    4 Weeks to See Results - 86%
  • 65%
    Average User Results - 65%
  • 73%
    Neutral Smell - 73%
  • 69%
    Average Cost / Result Ratio - 69%
  • 90%
    $12.99 Cost - 90%


If you have one in your nearby drugstore, for the price it might be worth giving it a try before anything else, it’s success rate is good enough considering it’s cost.

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