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In these days, everything tries to be complicated.

Because hey, if its complicated, it’s good! Right?

You would be surprised!

Let’s take for example ALL the treatments that exist for skin tags.

When your neck hurts, do you call in the royal massage crew to your house and let them massage you till you can barely walk?

OR do you simply go to your favorite salon, lie down, and enjoy how the stiffness goes away, from the hands of your favorite masseur?

  • It’s the same with skin tags.
  • There is no need to complicate things, so let’s take a look at the 5 simple ways you can remove them naturally(that’s right, no doctors or lab coats in this one.).

1. Dental Floss


  • Do you brush your teeth? Good.
  • But do you floss your teeth?…
  • Research says that flossing can be much more effective than just brushing, if not for the health of your teeth, but also your gums.

Well you aren’t reading advice on brushing your teeth, so why is dental floss here?

  • Dental floss is the most convenient thing that can be tied around something as small as a skin tag.
  • Any other rope or string is too big, and most importantly not disinfected, you wouldn’t want your skin tag to get infected now would you?

Basically, you take a string of dental floss, and tie a knot around the skin tag, literally choking it.

Don’t worry though, you won’t really fell much, but the skin tag should disappear within a few days if all goes well.

Word of warning though, don’t do this if your tag is really big, or near an artery, like the neck. Also you might not want to do it if it starts to hurt or is in a really bad location. For example, if the skin tag is on your neck, you will be showing it to everyone and having a dental “knot” there will make it look rather weird. Read this guide to make sure that it’s OK.

2. Scissors

scissors skin tags

Who would have thought that everyday household items would have other uses as well?

One of such items is the scissors.

You can probably imagine what you will be doing with them.

  • Snip. Snip. Snip. Away they go.
  • While the tag itself can not feel pain, the skin beneath it can, so if you do this, expect a bit of PAIN.

It’s easy, fast, natural, and if you can sulk it up and stand the chance of the sight of your own blood, an instant cure.


It will hurt.

It will bleed.

And you may cut yourself leaving a permanent scar if you are not careful.

So don’t do this unless you are certain about it. And again, read the guide to pinpoint where you can cut it without having to go to the hospital 10 minutes later.

3. Skin Tag Removal Creams


Yes, even the creams are natural.

They don’t contain any unnatural ingredients and are safe to use, but it is always recommended to first spot test any cream/solution just in case you turn out to be the 0.01% that has some unspecified allergy.

What makes them stand out is that they have gone through some sort of testing to classify them as safe. Which cannot be said for any “homemade cures” as they have a much higher chance of being allergenic to your skin.

Most solutions give you the possibility of a money-back guarantee of some sort, just in case if it doesn’t turn out the way you want it to.

And besides, they are also heavily reviewed, so picking the right one for is really easy, especially when using our reviews.

4. Vitamin E Oil

vitamin e oil

And now we start taking a look at oils.

The first one is Vitamin E.

  • What is with Vitamin E that it is used against almost all skin problems?
  • Problems like stretch marks, it is all recommended to use Vitamin E.
  • And even with skin tags.

The reason is that the skin craves for Vitamin E. It gets most of it’s vitamins either from being exposed to sunlight, or from foods. However, Vitamin E is the main actor here, so stock it up.

What you actually need to do this correctly, is to use a band aid and sprinkle Vitamin E on the skin.

This supposedly heals the skin, while the band aid slowly tears off the skin tag.

It has helped some people, but it can take quite a few days to do it, so patience is a virtue here.

5. Tea Tree Oil


And we have the last one, another oil, called Tea Tree Oil.

And you know what?

  • The process is very similar as with Vitamin E oil, with the exception that you don’t need to use a band aid, just apply it directly.
  • And the same as Vitamin E oil, it takes time.
  • It will eventually darken and fall off, so just be patient if you decide to do this one.

As always. do a spot test before applying a full batch just so you don’t accidentally show to be allergenic towards it.


  1. I tried the dental floss, and my small skin tag on my thigh is now 5 times as big as it was originally! It didn’t hurt before, but now it hurts so bad. Oh well. I really hoped that would work!

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