5 Great Ways to Treat Darker Stretch Marks Stretch Marks / Top Lists

Treating stretch marks isn’t hard.

Treating dark stretch marks also isn’t hard.

By following these 5 simple steps, it actually becomes really easy.

If you have stretch marks that are darker in color (usually this color leans toward dark red, dark purple and every other tint of these 2 colors)..

Then you are actually in a very good position to treat them. This is because as stretch marks age, they become lighter and whiter in color. However, until they are dark, they are fresh, they are rather young and they can be treated much more effectively.

So, let’s get right to it!

1. Protect your Skin and Avoid sun rays

use sunscreen to protect screen

Skin protection is something that you should be doing no matter if you have stretch marks or not. With stretch marks, this become even more important because:

  • Stretch Marks DO NOT TAN. Meaning that if you expose yourself to the sun for too long, your stretch marks will appear even more out of place.
  • If you cannot avoid sun exposure, it is very important to use a sun cream as stretch marks are VERY sensitive towards UV rays.

To protect yourself against UV rays, it is recommended to use of at least a SPF 30 cream, to avoid damaging your skin or even make other diseases show up(acne, dry skin).

If you however like looking tanned, you might think about getting a fake tan or hiding the stretch marks instead.

2. Your Lifestyle = Your Skin Health


While in most cases, this is completely up to the person to follow, but following these healthy habits has seen a tremendous improvement not only in other people’s skin health, but their entire life.

  • Eating healthy – This is something that you have probably heard hundreds of times up until now. And you know why? Because it works. It just does.
  • Living an Active Lifestyle – Again, you probably heard this one as well. The important thing to note is that even just 15-30 minutes every day will suffice.
  • Eating a Healthy Amount Of Sugar – This ties in with eating healthy, but there is an important point here. You DO NOT need to stop eating sugar like so many diets and trainers would lead you to believe. Just a healthy amount.
  • If You Have Them, Stop The Usual Bad Habits – You know these, alcohol, cigarettes and so on. Find the right reason to and you can kick them. It’s not easy, but with the right reason it becomes easy as pie.

3. You Are 60% Water, So Replenish Yourself


While this could be in the same point as living healthier, hydration itself is so important not only to the skin, but to the whole body, that it deserves its own stand on this list.

And you know what? Dark stretch marks are very receptive to treatments because they are fresh. To treat, the skin needs to become more elastic.

And you know what Water does? It makes your skin more elastic.

Do you see why water is so important now? It is what holds us all together.

For the amount of water that you should drink, the rule of thumb is the following:

If you can, drink as much water as you feel comfortable with, taking care to never be thirsty, as when you feel thirst, your body is already dehydrated, which drops the elasticity of your skin considerably.

However, do not go overboard with this. Do not try to drink ridiculous amounts of water to the point of sickness. While very unlikely, extreme amounts of water are actually bad for you. Drinking in moderation is key, so drink up!

4. Apply A Stretch Mark Cream To Make It Faster

stretch mark creams

The first 3 steps prepare the perfect place for treatment creams to come in.

Your body, with correct hydration, lifestyle and eating habits will be very receptive to any helping ingredients. In this situations, the applied creams will help your skin with healing and replacing the stretches, by applying essential ingredients to the skin. A great example of an ingredient, that can even be used on it’s own, is Aloe Vera!

What makes these creams unique is the following:

  • These creams increase the most important ingredient in your skin, collagen, which increases the elasticity and healing of your skin.
  • The good ones(4+ star ratings) have been tested not by just a few, but by dozens of other people with stretch marks.
  • In our monthly comparison, the best stretch mark creams work really well on dark stretch marks and also on older, white stretch marks.


If you are on a tight budget, you can always use homemade remedies for a fraction of the cost… Just know that those tend to have little effect on even completely new stretch marks. In the end, you usually get what you pay for.

5. Optional: Surgery


Surgery, while very effective, is only worth using as a last resort option.

This is only worth trying if you have tried MULTIPLE products and have followed through with their recommended instructions and usage times. Sometimes a product just won’t work for you, even if it worked for everyone else. So if nothing else, try at least 2-3 different cream products.

Now, the surgery options that you have are 2, each one having its upsides and downsides.

  • The first is surgery using a laser. In this type of surgery a laser is used to dissipate any scars under your skin. This is quite pricey (3000$+) and is only worth doing after you have tried at least a few stretch mark creams. It however does have a few downsides.
  • The second one that is the most permanent, is skin surgery. where you stretch marks are completely removed. It is the most permanent solution, however it is VERY taxing on your body as it takes a long time to completely recover and to add to that, is priced very highly (8000$+). The only time that it is recommended is where your stretch marks are REALLY severe and nothing else can help your skin get back into it’s original shape.