You got Stretch Marks on Your Breasts, What Can You Do? Stretch Marks

Having stretch marks on your breasts can be really damaging on your confidence, especially if you like exposing some of your cleavage once in a while.

If you have been looking at the news or are an avid fan of these, even women like Scarlett Johansson and Kate Beckinsale are not safe from them.

And to top if off, they mostly happen during situations that are not under your control.

Talk about a bad case of scars. But don’t worry, removing them can be easier than you think.

First, let’s figure out why you got them.


Are You in Your Puberty?

During puberty you are growing rapidly, resulting in more stretching of your skin. This can also be affected greatly by your initial weight, if you are overweight the strain on your skin is even harder. Paired with the unstable hormones that occur at that time this makes for a uncomfortable combination. What makes the breasts get stretches is that the growth of breasts will never be as fast as right now, so your breasts are under the biggest pressure that they have ever been.

However, it is also the situation when it is the most effective time to remove stretch marks, even permanently, due your very young skin. This is because the younger a person is the faster their skin will heal and repair any damages that will happen during this faze.

Adding some remedies to the already fast healing process of a young teenager makes for the best combination with the highest chances of success of that perfect skin that so many teenagers want.

So if you haven’t done anything yet, this is the best time to start removing them.


weight loss stretches

Rapid Weight Loss And Gain?

Firstly, during regular weight loss with a slow weight loss ( 1-2 lbs / month ) it is safe to lose weight, and in 99.9% of cases, you won’t get NEW ones.

It may look as if you are getting new ones, but they are OLD ones may show up, but they were already there to begin with.

The problem lies when the weight loss is really fast. When its over 2lbs per month, the skin usually can’t tighten fast enough and starts hanging. Hanging skin then produces new stretch marks.

The same applies for not just rapid weight gain, but also for weight gain in general, being worse as the weight increases.

Basically, if you want your skin intact, don’t overdo (maximum 3lbs per month) your weight loss UNLESS you are SEVERELY overweight (100 lbs+). In that case hanging skin is almost certain, so just go at it.

But its never too late, and here’s what you can do about it.

striae genetics

Or are Genetics the Reason?

A lot can be done to prevent, repair stretches, as science and medical research has progressed a whole lot in the last decade. However, for now genetics are still a locked area and they cannot be changed. Inevitably if genetics are not in your favor you can only prevent/lessen their impact, while removing them completely is possible only with constant attention to treating them and good lifestyle choices.

An example of such a method is doing good massage with creams and being at your best health possible to give the skin the best chance to heal itself, regardless of the bad genes.

What can you do to prevent / treat breast stretch marks?

1. Keep your skin hydrated at all times. Drink enough water at all times. We have very different detectors of what is enough as many cannot drink more than a few cups while others can chug a gallon a time. The best benchmark is to drink a bit more than the feeling of not being thirsty, as when you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated.

2. Using different products for preventing and treating stretch marks, finding one can be super convenient using this tool or if you prefer, take a look at the reviews and make your own decision.

3. Do it at home methods that do not require any product or can be done at home such as massage and homemade remedies. These methods are really cheap or even with no added cost if you already have the ingredients at home and have a good friend or spouse who can do weekly massages for you.

4. Try to live a healthy lifestyle, people who are healthier tend to have much better skin healing properties and experience less skin damages. While it is easier said than done, even small adjustments to your habits will yield great results.

For example, do not decide to never eat sugars or some other not-so-good habit. Instead decide that you will eat it one time less a week or month. Like this you will not even notice it. Not only your breasts but your whole body will thank you.