Why Do We Even Get Stretch Marks in the First Place? Stretch Marks

To better detail on why do stretch marks appear in the first place and why we even get them, it is all part of a defense mechanism of the skin from being torn.

The pressure on the skin comes from inside which would cause severe bleeding if the skin would just pop.

Then it would put you at a risk of infection or in other words create a whole boatload of problems you don’t want.


The Science Behind It

Any time when either muscle, fat, or a baby (during pregnancy) grows under your skin, it increases in its volume, stretching your skin from the inside out.

Since the skin is by itself elastic, this is usually no problem at all and the skin simply stretches without any damage.

It is in the occasions that the volume is increased very fast, when the skin cannot keep up that is a little more troubling.

There are a lot of situations in which this can happen.

What would happen if the skin only had 1 layer is that it would rip itself and spill your insides out.

Not sure about you, but for most people, this is a situation they would like to avoid ever happening to them.

Basically, stretch marks is how your skin protects itself from falling apart. And if your skin falls apart, you fall apart.

But your body is smarter than that

skin anatomy

In the upper picture, you can roughly see that the skin has 3 layers, consisting of the outer layer called the epidermis, or what you can actually see with your naked eye, then we have the second layer also called the dermis.

Under all of this is the your fat tissue, which if you are overweight is the reason why stretch marks happen, therefore losing weight and then removing your scars is the next best thing to do.

Now, when the skin stretches, the layers expand as well, especially the dermis layer.

While this is great in terms of minimizing damage to your skin, it is an annoyance in terms of looks as the outer layer stretches so much, that it looks really different from the rest of your skin.

And even when anyone talks about removal, know that what is actually meant by that is visually removing them, so that they are not visible anymore.

Again, permanent removal isn’t what you really want.

And it is this what everyone wants, what is inside our skin gives us little pause, as only what you can see will affect you and change your confidence and comfort accordingly.


So what do do about it?

In essence, without the scars that happen from correct stretching, your skin would just rip itself, meaning that the stretches are merely the after effect of a mechanism there to help you.

While some can be prevented with creams, by strengthening your skin beforehand or trying to not get into situations where your skin is expanded(like being overweight), a large factor in how inclined towards scars you are is genetics.

To affect those directly, nothing can be done.

But not all is lost, as genes are just one part of the puzzle of how to remove stretch marks.


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