Why Can Stretch Marks Be So Itchy? Stretch Marks

Stretch marks, usually formed because of pregnancy, weight gain/loss, puberty can be a big dent in your self image and coincidentally your self confidence.

But apart from the visual problem that they cause, the really annoying side effect is that they can itch!

  • And as you know when you get an itch, you want to annihilate it, just so it would finally stop.
  • And while every doctor in the world will tell you not to scratch yourself, when you get an itch that scratch starts looking really nice..
  • While it does not seem like it, normally its not the scars themselves that are the cause.

The reasons that you can have them is that you have either:

  • dry skin
  • developed some rashes
  • or on a more positive note, your skin is healing itself

You also probably noticed that dry skin by itself itches, just like when you get a scar from hurting yourself, your first instinct is to scratch that thing away.

In any case, here is what you can do so it will stop itching.


What To Do When You Have Dry Skin

dry skin stretch marks

  • This happens rather subtly, as you don’t get any warning about it, no new marks, no nothing, it is dry and agitated making it itch really bad.
  • If this happens, the best solution is to start to moisturize the skin as often as possible.
  • Even after the itchiness stops, never stop moisturizing as once you stop there is a high chance that it will start to itch again, and you don’t want that again.
  • Some stretch mark creams are great moisturizers in themselves, like this cream for only 8$.

What To Do When You Have Rashes

rashes on stretch marks

A bit different than having only dry skin, they show up as actual visible red spots over the stretch mark area.

  • If you are currently pregnant and this is your first day of getting them, wait for about a week.
  • This is because the most common cause of rashes during pregnancy, otherwise called polymorphic eruption of pregnancy goes away in about 1 week.
  • In the mean time, moisturize your skin so you will know that you don’t have dry skin instead.
  • If after that time the itching has not disappeared, visit a doctor as you may be prescribed some medicine to help.
  • The other time that rashes can develop, is when your skin is stretched to its limits.
  • When weakened like this, it makes your skin dry and very vulnerable to rashes as well.
  • If possible, losing weight is a always a good idea to lessen the pressure on your skin.
  • Once again, moisturize like crazy.

My Skin Is Moisturized, No New Marks, But It Still Itches


If you moisturize your skin all the time and after close inspection you can’t really find anything new going on, but it still itches, then you have nothing to worry about.

  • What is happening in this situation is that your stretch marks are being healed.
  • For example, if you hurt yourself and get a scar, it hurts at first, but after a while it starts to itch.
  • When healing of any type is occurring in your body, the nerves around the area are being activated slightly all the time, resulting in you feeling a itchy feeling.
  • The same happens with stretch marks, as when they heal, they can itch, so just continue what you have been doing, as you seem to be doing a good job at it.