White Stretch Marks, What Are They? Stretch Marks

When you look at all the pictures with women and men that got white, red, purple or silver stretch marks, you can be amazed in what variety of colors they come.

The most common are the red/purple ones. These are fresh scars, that have just appeared(1 – 6 months). Removing them is almost a breeze.

Doing anything to help them at this state will show positive results in all cases.

But it is the other ones, namely white/silver stretch marks that you need to get more of the attention.

So, what are they?

White scars or also silver scars are those that have been around for quite a while.

And by saying quite a while, the actual time it takes for striae to turn from red to white is usually at least half a year to a few years.

silver stretches

You can see in the upper picture an example of silver stretch marks. As you can see, they do stand out, but a lot less than the red ones. In the whole process of healing the first layer which you can see with your eye, is being repaired and replaced with newer cells. The area amidst the scar also tightens back up, since healing also includes producing collagen which is the main protein that affects how elastic your skin is.

But they never completely heal, unless you are really young and only then you might have a slim chance if you have good genes going for you.

dark skin white marks

Also called old stretch marks, they are the reason why so many women are really angry that no matter what they do or what kind of new mix they try, they just won’t go away.

  • Since the white ones are aged and much more cemented into place, they are very hard to change at all.
  • And it is here where one of the myths, that permanent removal is impossible, starts showing up.
  • Red ones in comparison are rather new and all the healing processes are still occurring all the time.
  • After some time, the healing process is over and even when adding stimulants in the form of natural ingredients, they never reach the level of healing as before.

Oh, no! Is it to late to do anything?

No reason to despair or feel that the only way to get your body is to let yourself get cut open or even try going through laser surgery.

While the results take a bit longer, compared to red scars, any additives in the form of creams, and living a healthy lifestyle still do the trick.

Really, having white marks just means you have waited a long time and tried to see if the skin will do its job on its own.

The fact that the scars are still here shows that it didn’t do a good enough job.

So instead of feeling bad about it, kick it back into gear and make it start working for you again.



Lifestyle is a great starting point.

  1. Being active, eating everything in moderation, keeping your weight in check.
  2. All of these have a huge impact on your skin, just like a house built on a solid ground.
  3. However, the skin itself is really strong and can work good even with only added nutrients.

These added nutrients come in the form of creams, just adding more nutrients to your food will go a long way, but they will not suffice at all.

Direct Nutrients

Instead, when you apply it directly, everything gets used up by the skin itself, not just a part of it when consuming it with food.

  • Finding one that has a good effect on white stretch mark is kind of hard if you don’t know where to start looking.
  • This is even more true as at least half of the creams will barely have any effect on these types of stretch marks, and it becomes really frustrating after using a few creams that just seem to make your skin soft.
  • Really, a dollar cream from the nearby convenience store can do that.

For this reason search reviews that specifically state that they work for old/white stretches and have a good rating with the reviewer and the users actually trying them out.

Doing this your stretch mark free body is right in front of your door, ready to knock for you to take it back and feel comfortable in your skin once again.