What to Do If You Have Stretch Marks On the Hips? Stretch Marks

Stretch marks on your hips are one of the most common types of scars that appear because of sudden skin stretching.

On hips, they generally do not occur during pregnancy (which is the most frequent cause), but has a high chance to appear during weight gain or loss, especially if your percentage of body fat is higher than average.

They can also occur if you are bodybuilding and gaining a lot of muscle, however the chances for this happening to women are much lower as males gain muscle mass much faster.

The last possible cause is puberty, as during that state your body is running wild with hormones and bodily changes, which triggers growth, extending the skin and therefore causing the scars.

  • Once the striae is there, the damage is done.
  • When your skin rips, it does so at a deeper level and it will permanently be there in that layer.

The good news is that you can still affect your outer skin, or in other words the skin that you can see with your eye.

Since the outer layer keeps replacing itself with new layers, the healing is done each time by repairing it for a small amount, until it fades to a white/silver color that is close to your original skin color.

So should you leave it alone?

hip stretch marks

Example of white stretch marks on the hips.

If you leave it alone, there are 2 possible outcomes.

  • If you are younger, your stretch marks on the hips may just make a great recovery and in at least one year you may barely see the scars.
  • If you are older, the skin looses its elasticity over time with age, meaning that the skin may also make a good recovery, but not even close to the possibility of the young version.

What also decides how well this goes is your own health.

  • If you are in great shape and eating good foodstuffs, your skin will recover much easier.
  • If however your shape is lacking, the skin will lack as well, so being healthy is good for your as well.

What about helping the skin with healing the hip scars?

hip scars

Another viable solution is to use natural ingredients to speed this process up quite a lot(from a few years to a few weeks, talk about speeding it up).

Whether it be in the form of directly using the ingredients or using specially prepared creams with multiple ingredients.

Their goal is the same, to apply minerals to your skin, make it more elastic and increase the production of collagen which is what keeps your skin good looking and healthy.

  • Using homemade is a bit cheaper, but also less effective as you will be using only a few ingredients at best, while good creams contain 40+ ingredients, really bringing the best out of each one for the maximum benefit of your skin.

In the end, know that there is always a way to remove your stretch marks on the hips.

At the same time, do not do anything severe such as 4 – 5 figures surgeries that may or may not fix your problem at all, especially where much more cheaper alternatives exist that can also have great results.