What Surgery Options Do You Have For Stretch Marks? Stretch Marks

In extreme cases, treating stretch marks with alternative options such as homemade ingredients or using stretch marks cream just doesn’t cut it.

And that is where going full on with surgery starts being a very attractive possibility. As said, surgery is only one of the many options that you have to getting rid of stretch marks, but if you:

  • Have really, really wide and deep stretch marks
  • Or have a lot of excess skin (from weight loss for example)

Then surgery becomes almost the only treatment that will yield any results for you.

Comparing it to other known options, surgery is the most effective of them all. Since it is a bit more of a direct solution, the results are more direct as well. Know however, that surgery is very expensive and in some cases the recovery time afterwards can be long as well, so don’t at any time think that this is a one day or even one week cure.

Thus, it is not recommended to go down this path unless your stretch mark condition is severe and you have tried every other cheaper method for at least half a year. All the procedures are done in professional areas, guaranteeing a certain degree of safety.

Before deciding on where to apply for any type of surgery, make sure to first get some reviews of that place for your best experience. For the broad differences between available surgery, we have 2, called is laser and skin surgery.

Laser Surgery

stretch mark laser surgery

  • The first type of surgery that exists to help you with removing your stretches is using laser technology.
  • During this procedure the laser penetrates your skin deeper to the second layer that is responsible for your scars.
  • This layer is called the dermis and while the laser is being applied, the skin is being stimulated, producing more collagen, basically increasing the healing properties and making it heal faster than usual.
  • It is very non-invasive, so that after a visit you will be free to continue with your daily routine with no downtime at all.

You might have to think twice before taking a laser surgery, though as there are some downsides such as the fact that it is not permanent.
Its costs are of course dependent on where you live, but generally it costs around 700$ per single session, and to see predicted results, at least 5-7 visits will be needed. To recap, it is recommended to use this if no other options worked for you or if you are willing to invest more money to fade your stretch marks.

Skin Surgery

stretch mark skin surgery

  • And the last type of surgery, is called the skin surgery.
  • This is a broad term and the exact professional surgery names depending on where it is performed will vary, but their goal is the same, to cut out your striae out of the targeted area.
  • As said, your scars are directly cut out of your skin, meaning no damaged tissue will remain, including the deeper layers that are the cause for them to appear in the first place.
  • It is a very direct and invasive procedure and in this case, will (depending on how large the surgery) have a long recovery time as due to the cuts in your skin, this will also produce its own surgery scars, that will take time to heal.
  • The doctor might also decide to perform a liposuction if you are severely overweight, or even skin tissue removal if there is a lot of excess skin. This is done to prevent new stretch marks from appearing, as any excess weight will “damage” your skin over time.

While these scars will completely heal, they will take a lot time to heal correctly like any other injury. Don’t forget, that your surgery scars will also need to heal as well. This method is the most expensive, going up to 20000$, which can buy around 200-300 tubes of creams, with only 1-2 tubes required to see results of that line of creams, so really only use this method if you have tried at least the top 5 stretch mark cream solutions.

It is recommended to use this as a last resort when nothing else is working as there are numerous cheaper and less invasive ways to deal with a non-health risking condition that stretch marks are.

If you do decide to undergo a surgery, consult your personal doctor before doing so and get his approval that you are not endangering yourself due to any disease or allergies that you may have, and then get prepared for surgery as per your doctor’s instructions.