What Stretch Mark Surgery Removal Options Do I Have? Stretch Marks

The removal of stretch marks, while completely harmless and not a serious medical condition at all, are one of the most confidence destroying skin conditions. The biggest issue is their uncanny look apart from the rest of the skin.

This is why the industry to remove and prevent them has spread and grown exponentially in the last few years.

The growth resulted in different products to be created, to help the skin fight the scarring, like stretch mark creams and lotions.

One of these new treatments, are skin and laser surgeries.

Think Twice Before Doing It

If still no results come out of it at all, then this might be what you need. But before you do anything, ask yourself these 2 questions.

  • Are there any better, less invasive alternatives?

And the answer is yes as all the other alternatives are not invasive at all.

The point being that they still retain a good success rate, so think if it’s worth spending thousands on a surgery, or just hundreds on a great cream solution.

  • Is it long-term or will I still get stretch marks?

When doing any treatment, it is important to think ahead. If you go with any surgery, yes your stretch marks will likely be removed.

However. Since you only removed your scars, but not also the reason for them, chances are you will get new ones. So think ahead and be smart about it.

Now, when you are certain that you want to go through with this, there are currently 2 types of surgeries that each have their different benefits and downfalls to them.

Surgeries Using Laser Technology

laser-treatments for stretch marks

Different types of lasers are used in a stretch mark treatment, but they all produce the same result no matter what the doc decides to use.

Using a laser, the skin is pierced through and stimulated, making the skins healing process much faster around the pierced area.

  •  Almost Painless

Surgeries done with a laser are generally painless apart from some minor stinging during the surgery.

This means that the process is quick and recovery is also decently fast. Some users do report some unpleasant side effects such as rashes, so be prepared to deal with those, just in case.

  •  High Cost

Its cost is quite high as a the cost for a single appointment can range up to a thousand dollars, depending on your location and you will have to visit at least 5x times, increasing the total cost by a whole lot.

  •  Takes Time

It takes time as to make some visible changes on your skin, you will need to visit at least five times. Which can take quite a while.

Laser surgery is used more lately, but is only recommended to use if you have at least tried any other methods, such as trying to live healthier or applying skin helping ingredients to your skin.

Both can produce a similar if not better result for your skin as a whole, not only the striae.

Cut Them Out Completely With Skin Surgery

skin surgery stretch marks

The first, most widely used surgery is called Abdominoplasty or otherwise tummy tuck. This is a removal that focuses on the area bellow the belly.

This is done for those people who have either lost weight and wish to get the stretch marks that they received, removed and pregnant women who also had some scars appear during their pregnancy.

The others are called lifts, as they target a separate body part like thighs, breasts, buttocks, armpits and other areas that are the usual suspects where scars appear. It is the only method of stretch mark removal that is permanent for that area, as any trace of striae is removed.

  •  It’s expensive

The cost is even higher than laser surgeries, ranging up to twenty thousand dollars, depending on your location.

  •  It’s invasive

It is also a very invasive method, meaning that the cuts that you will receive from the surgery itself will take some time to heal as well, so do not expect an immediate recovery, meaning its not as fast as some think it is, so no immediate beach ready body.

If your stretch marks are not really severe, this is not recommended as scars are not a severe medical condition and there are other, more appropriate methods to tone them down so you can feel great in your skin once again.