What Stretch Mark Removal Creams Even Are? Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are impurities in your skin, that happen because of inward pressure on your skin.

While not medically threatening to your life, they can be a big hit to your self-image.

And like any other problem, there is usually a solution to it.

One of the really popular solutions for stretch marks… are creams.

So what are Stretch Mark Creams?


  • Creams are commercial products that have been created from many producers some new, some being around for a long time.
  • All of them are have a different approach in how they do business and what you, the end user means to them.
  • They either remove your existing striae or prevent new ones from appearing, like preventing pregnancy scars.

Their Contents

The contents of the creams are rather straightforward, almost every cream has natural ingredients or extracts from them.

Because of this, almost every cream is natural.

Other than lab tests done to find how ingredients react to each other, producing them is as natural as can be.

The ingredients that prevail in these creams are vitamins in their pure form like vitamin e for example, ingredients that even when applied on their own help your skin, like Aloe Vera and some others to either make the cream better to absorb or to give a better feel to it.

A lot of stretch mark removal reviews currently exist, who to trust?

Reviews are just that, someone, usually a consumer of the product, has used it and got good or bad results and is now conveying the experience for everyone else to see.

For specific signs on how you can trust a review, check this guide out on finding signs that a review is real.

However, trust is not everything.

While this is great as it gives a realistic picture about the product, it can be problematic if not done the correct way.

What most testimonials / reviews fail to mention is their circumstances such as age, skin color, stretch mark age, color, area used on and so on, that can affect the result greatly.

So instead of choosing the cream with the most positive reviews, chose the one that has the most good reviews with similar circumstances that you have.

So when searching a list of reviews, such as ours, look for ones that have at least a 3 or 4 star rating using the Skin Overhaul cream chart at the end.

So if you are in the same situation and most of people who have tried it in the same situation are happy with it, chances are you will also be happy with it.

What about the cost of creams?

stretch mark cost

The cost of a treatment is like day and night for most creams, as it can range from almost free (you can get a cream for free though) to medium priced.

Because of this, it is also a good idea to do some planning before buying any cream and trying to do it yourself.

As with creams, usually the one tube that is bought is not always enough to obtain the best results, so plan that you might need to buy more.

The actual cost ranges from around 10$ – 90$ per container and because of buying more, around 2 more, the actual cost can be around 30$ – 270$.

Which is still rather cheap, compared to how much laser surgeries and skin surgeries cost.

But this is the only cost as:

  • Creams are delivered to your home
  • Is the only treatment which does not require you to leave your cozy house.