What? Men Can Get Stretch Marks? Stretch Marks

While in fairness, it is usually women who are more predisposed to have stretch marks since the biggest reason, pregnancy, only happens to women, not men. Additionally, only women experience breast growth during their pregnancy.

However, even men are not safe from stretch marks and while receiving them from pregnancy is not an option, every other cause for scars still applies to them just as much.

Therefore, men who have them are just as common as there are in the woman population.

Can men even have stretch marks?

stretch marks men

It is the notion that women are prevalent in the population in regards to striae, but this is not actually true as men are just as prone to receive them as women.

  • Men experience the biggest changes in their body during their puberty, where hormones are running rampant and changing the body rapidly, inducing much pressure on the dermis layer of the skin, which is the layer that is responsible for keeping your skin together.
  • It is not the only reason though, there are 3 more ways that men can receive them. Muscle gain is one of them and it is usually due to bodybuilding, which results in sudden muscle growth, pressuring the skin and causing the dermis layer to rip apart.
  • Another reason is weight loss or gain. In both cases, the body is changing its weight rapidly and the skin cannot adapt to the sudden new tension as fast and this results in stretches.
  • And the last one is basically just luck or genetics. If your parents or grandparents had stretch marks, their is a good chance that you will also have them. However, if none of your close relatives has them and some of your farther relatives do, this does not mean you are in the clear, just less likely to have that particular gene.

Regardless of whether you are a man or woman, the steps that you can take are generally the same, the only difference is that a man will not need to do any research at all in the pregnancy cream department. And know that you can use a solution directed towards women, as it works just as good as using one that markets itself as a man-only cream.

muscle man

For the easiest way to remove them, we present 3 simple ways that you can tackle your stretch mark challenge.


1. Works For Everyone / Very Cheap Price / Decent Effect


First we have the methods that work for everyone regardless of cause, skin color, age etc.

These include, drinking enough water during the day, eating healthier foods and having your macro nutrients in order.

Also, being active a certain amount each day.

It does not matter what the activity itself is, as long as you are getting a fair workout out of it. As said, none to very little money needs to be spent to incorporate these activities in your daily routine.

2. Works For More Or Less Everyone / Decent Price / Great Effect

Man-applying-stretch mark cream

The second line of points are those that work differently for everybody, but if you decide on a good one, it has the possibility of working wonderful for you.

Just make sure you choose a good, reviewed solution for your exact problem.

Stretch mark creams are on the list, and although there are not many creams directly made for men scars, they will work the same as while men and women have a bit different skin composure, the general structure is the same.

The second option is similar to creams, but in this case you will be producing the mix yourself, in the form of a homemade stretch mark cream.

In other words, you will be buying your own ingredients and mixing them together and then applying them to your scar area.

This is mostly cheaper as you will be buying the ingredients in raw form, which will usually be less than the price of a full cream solution

3. Only To Use When Nothing Else Works / Very, Very High Price / Great Effect

skin and laser surgery

The most severe and also the most effective treatments are using surgery with a laser or surgeon.

Laser surgery is done using a skin penetrating laser that stimulates your dermis into healing faster. Even though it sounds great, read this before going with it.

Last one is using a surgeon, where your scars are basically cut out, making it a permanent solution for those exact stretches.

These are very expensive (5,000 – 20,000$ minimum) and should only really be considered if you have at least tried a few creams with no results whatsoever.

Because what is never told, is that while they do remove them, it does nothing against preventing new ones from appearing, which creams do.

Because of this, you just might need to return back when some stretches re-appear and spend a few grands again.

Which one sounds the best to you?