What Even Gets Rid of Stretch Marks? Stretch Marks

Otherwise called striae , stretch marks are a condition that does not endanger your life in any way.

While obvious, people really forget this fact all to much, and go crazy as if their life is in danger.

  • In fact, the reason why stretch marks appear is because your body is protecting you as it should, meaning its a byproduct of your body doing a good job.
  • This happens when your skin is stretched over its limits because of overweight problems, pregnancy or generally weakened skin.
  • So that your skin does not rip itself like a piece of paper, it does it gradually, replacing the small rips with skin tissue so in the end this results in scars that look thinner than normal skin.

But this is the question that you came here for:

What does even get rid of stretch marks?


What can make your stretch marks disappear, just like above?

Before anything is said take a look at the following lines.

Stretch marks are permanent, in-depth removal is impossible other than using skin surgery.

No cream/home remedy/other methods will repair the dermis layer(second layer of your skin that you cannot see) as that will always be there to a certain extent.


  • Don’t go giving up yet, as it is not as grim as you think.
  • You do NOT actually want a permanent removal.

You might have heard it somewhere, someone promising a permanent removal using some miracle product.

  • What you actually want is a VISUAL removal.
  • You do not care what happens below the skin, the only reason why stretch marks are a problem is because they look bad.
  • Do you ever care how your stomach looks?

If they looked gorgeous, everyone would want them.

Achieving Visual Removal

And this is achieved by healing only the first layer(epidermis).

  • When done correctly, there is no trace left behind and no one knows of any scars in that place.
  • When the visual removal is over, the scars inside your skin will still be there, but it doesn’t matter what happens there.
  • What matters is looking great and feeling real good and gorgeous in your non-scarred body.

Whatever method you will decide later on, it will all greatly be affected by:

  • Skin age (the younger you are, the faster and more thorough the healing will be)
  • Stretch marks age (younger red are much easier to treat than older white)
  • Genetics (if your parents, grandparents had them, that’s a good warning to start working on your skin)
  • Your body state (if you are at your perfect weight, it is easier for your skin to repair than when overweight)
  • Your habits (if you are active, eat great, and drink enough water your skin is like a nicely oiled, tuned, fueled engine)

Now, the methods themselves, all of them are listed, just so you can see what else is available and exactly why creams are so much more popular and recommended than doing anything else.

Methods To Rid Yourself Of Stretch Marks

1. Homemade creams

    • Price: 1$-20$
    • Effective: None – Medium High (Varies Greatly On Your Choice Of Ingredients)

2. Stretch mark official creams

    • Price: 30$-90$ per bottle
    • Effective: Small – High (Varies on choosing the correct cream for you)

3. Laser Surgery

    • Price: 700$ per session (5x times to see results)
    • Effective: Small – Very High

4. Derma Roller

    • Price: 30 – 200$
    • Effective: Small – Medium High

No matter at which stage of stretch marks you are, either you just got them, or had them for a while starting as soon as possible is vital, as the more you wait, the more time you give them to get themselves comfy.

Just like when cement is poured, it is squishy at first and easy to change, but after some time, its gets so hard that you need a wrecking ball to get through it.

Same with your stretch marks.

So get going, the clock is ticking.