What Can You Even Use for Stretch Marks? Stretch Marks

Are stretch marks making you uncomfortable?

Do you want to know what you can use to get rid of them?

It’s much more simple than you think.

When faced with the question of what to use for either removing or preventing stretch marks, there is much information available, which may or may not be true and might just be the creator trying to sell you their product.

Before Starting

Just like with every other product based market, it is important to first know what can be done without buying anything, then when you have done all that can be done without a monetary investment, should you think about investing a few bucks for your problem.

Maybe a trial would do well if you are on a budget?

You might already be satisfied with the results that you will get without paying much.

Or you either want faster, or better results which can be achieved by investing a bit of money into a solution.

The solutions here are all medically tested to work, it’s just the question of how fast you want your results and how much are you willing to spend.

So, what to use for stretch marks?



Good joke, eh?

But it is actually not a joke, doing nothing is actually a solution in itself.

  • This is because the skin already has healing properties and it will heal and fade the scars to a color that it once was.
  • This healing is affected by your nutrition, hydration and activity all requiring just a bit of habit changes, and more or less no added money.

Being more active, drinking enough water and being active at least a few times a week will speed up the healing process of the skin significantly.

Doing nothing is possible for those who are not as bothered and can wait a year or 2 for decent results.

Just remember that doing nothing will never result in a complete removal and is only good for slight fading.

Stretch Mark Creams

smiling woman applying cream

If you desire the healing to be done as soon as possible, using creams is a the way to do so.

Basically, when using a cream, you are applying a tested mix of different ingredients to your skin, which then boosts your collagen production and makes your skin more elastic, which also prevents new stretches from occurring.

Different brands have varying success rates in which case it is worth to follow the recommended cream for what you purpose is.

Using reviews decreases the amount of money you will need to spend on creams and gives you a higher return of success as in most cases, just 1 brand cream will be good enough to get the results you want.

Other than that, the results are also faster, going from 1 month to 3 months.

Homemade Raw Ingredients

olive oil

Homemade or otherwise raw ingredients is just a variation of using creams.

While you are not actually buying any cream from any producer, you will be buying a few ingredients from the retail store or pharmacy and mixing them up to create a cream / oil / lotion yourself.

While this decreases the cost of the finished product, it also means that you need to trust those few ingredients that you decide to mix, that their benefits actually work as intended.

Due to this, it is a little less effective, especially for beginners who have never done any mixing themselves.

The Verdict

In the long run, what matters is the results, the time it took and how much did it cost.

Some are faster to achieve a visible result, but require more money to work, others take a bit longer, but need little to no money investment on your part.

Either way, it is up to you to decide how much in a rush you are to achieve that gorgeous beach ready body.