Using Tattoos As A Way To Cover Stretch Marks? Stretch Marks

Tattoos have been around in our society for a long time, even the old tribes used it as a show of honor and status in society.

While today, not as much for those reasons, they are still used heavily for visual purposes. If done correctly and by a skilled tattooist that knows what he is doing and can really bring those nice colors to shine, it can look great and never requires you to do anything more, except for some maintenance here and there.

Not too long ago an idea was born that since tattooing your skin covers it in dark colors, it can also cover impurities in the skin, in this case stretch marks.
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How does Tattooing stretch marks go?

In this process, you apply to have your skin tattooed just like any other, but over the area where your skin has stretched. While it may seem like a no big deal and nothing out of the ordinary as striae is still skin, some complications may occur, such as:

  • If your stretches are younger (less than 1,2 years) you may experience severe pain during and after the tattooing as the skin is thinner and easily agitated. Also, the ink is more likely to distort as your scars are healing in this time, messing up the tattoo.
  • If your stretch marks are deeper and wider, it will be a lot harder for the tattooist to perfectly draw on the skin.
  • If your scars are severe, you may experience ink bleed and bubbling up of the ink on the stretch area.
  • The chance of newer stretch marks appearing afterwards. More of them can appear latter on and having a tattoo applied can mess up how its looks.
  • The time it will take to tattoo the stretches is usually 2x longer since more ink will have to be applied to your scars.

However if you are not bothered by these possible complications, it is worth knowing that this may still be a good idea. But that is not something you can read somewhere and decide on those facts, but instead if you really wish to get them, go consult with multiple tattoo artists.

Preferably find someone who already has some history in doing some stretch mark tattoos, as experience plays a big role in deciding whether you tattoo will end up looking great or bad.

Then only after you have received their opinions will you know if this is a good or bad idea for you, as the width and depth of your scars makes a big difference, and just like in any permanent matter, always get multiple opinions and never settle for only one that sounds the most convincing.

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I have tattoos, and will probably get stretch marks, what do I do?

You will probably not believe it, but you are in luck, since if the striae has not appeared yet you can use many of the prevention methods such as creams, that are the most effective at this time. These methods then become useless after your receive the stretches, so doing it before is really important.

For this situation, there are 2 points that you can do to help with preventing those striae.
These include:

  • Eating Healthy / Being Active / Drinking Water

Your skin already has a great healing system ready to go, but in most cases we either do not feed it enough micro-nutrients(vitamins, minerals), are not active enough with our body, making it stagnant or do not drink enough water to make it elastic enough.

For example, one test that is done when checking for dehydration is the skin pull.When you pull out your skin and let it go, it usually jumps back in an instant. But for dehydrated people, it takes a second or 2 which shows how much of a difference water makes to the elasticity of your skin.

  • Using Prevention Creams / Ingredients

Either using ingredients in their raw form and applying them to your skin or using a tested cream, the purpose of this is to directly deliver micro-nutrients to your skin and boost its elasticity and collagen production.

This way, when your skin is stretched, it will be strong enough not to rip itself apart. As said, these are the most effective as preventing is mountains easier than removing, so if you do not have them yet, step into action and start using them as soon as possible.

This is even more important as given time, they can really appear out of nowhere if you do not do anything to prevent them.