Using Oils As A Stretch Mark Cure Stretch Marks

Oil. Thought of as slimy, sticky and an annoyance if you get it on your clothes. How could something like this actually be a good stretch marks cure?

It comes to no surprise that even when it comes to the skin, oils have a purpose and can give quite an improvement if used correctly. No matter what oil you are using, it works great for drier skin, but having oily skin can make the absorption times a bit longer.

In that case, it’s better if you try using lotions as they don’t make your skin more oily.

Today, we have a lot of oil available and while most of it is useless in the skin department, there are a few specific ones that give surprising results.

All of them are also easy and cheap to obtain, so giving each one a test is not impossible, so you can see for yourself what its effects are.

If you have no idea where to start, or which oils to use, here are 4 examples of oils that are currently most widely used as a stretch mark cure.

Extra virgin olive oil

olive oil

Olive oil, the extra virgin brand is mostly used by pregnant women, for preventing scars during their pregnancy.

While this is not its only use, there is a great amount of reviews that are on each side of the argument. Some saying it only softens / makes your skin more supple, while others say that it did indeed help them from developing or fading away their striae.

If you do decide to test this oil, apply only small amounts at a time as applying more will render your skin greasy for a longer period of time, due to it still being an oily texture.

The laboratory tests that were done, testing this oil in a live environment, have shown that it has completely no effects on stretch marks whatsoever, so you might want to give this one a pass, regardless of what people who have used it say.

Link to the research here.

Baby Oil


Baby oil, while being everywhere and used by many women, is yet to show any immerse results, other than making the skin more vibrant.

Its actual properties, whether it does actually prevent or fade away stretch marks is at the time a good guess and in the hands of those few users who have actually tried it for an extended amount of time.

As mentioned before, oils are mostly rather cheap, so you might still want to give it a go, if your budget allows it.

Vitamin E Oil

vitamin-e-oil for stretch marks

Oil that has Vitamin E inside is one of the oils that actually has decent working reviews behind it.

What this means is that while there are people who report that there was little improvement when they used it, there are also many who report great results.

The facts are however, that Vitamin E does indeed increase the elasticity of the skin thus being a good prevention oil to use.

About removing or fading scars, the ones who see results are usually those whose stretches are very recent. The ones that have older marks report little to no result at all so use it accordingly with those results.

For more about vitamin e oil, take a look over here.

Bio Oil

bio oil stretch marks

Bio oil is similar to vitamin E oil, as it also increases the elastic properties of the skin, making it stretch easier without ripping itself and creating scars in the process.

The reviews are however a bit more positive, stating that it does work for many, but also does not for many as well.

Thus the verdict is that it can help you, especially if your scars are relatively new and not too wide. If you have older striae, in that case it may bring little to no result other than having your skin feel a bit more supple and soft.

For white/old stretch marks, it’s better to use a bit more stronger treatments for better results.

No matter what, using oils as a cheap way to remove stretch marks is only good to use as a “test”, just to see how your skin reacts and if lady luck is on your side, it just might be enough to be the cure you are looking for.