Using Lotions for Stretch Marks, does it work? Stretch Marks

When looking around to finding a good removal, preventive or fading solution, it is usually in the form of creams, butters, oils or lotions.

This is because most ingredients are either mixed together to form a creamy or oily mixture, or directly used in the natural extracted form, therefore in a form of butter or oil.

And while there is a thought that creams and lotions are basically the same thing and just worded differently, the truth is a little more complex.

What’s the difference between lotions and creams?


Creams or lotions, both basically meaning the same, are something that you can apply on yourself and has a positive effect on you.

Pretty straightforward.

  • In essence, their performance is similar, meaning that using the similar ingredients in a lotion will not produce better results than using them in a cream.

What is the biggest difference between them and which is why many people prefer them, is its consistency and feeling it has on your skin.

  • Lotions contain much smaller amounts of oil in them, meaning that the general nasty oily feel that you can get with creams does not happen here.
  • Oils are much slower to absorb in your skin, so using a lotion who has little oils in them will guarantee the fastest absorb times if you are in a hurry.

What is important though is to use an appropriate cream for what is comfortable for you and can also deliver results.

  • For example, using oily creams on already oily skin can ramp up the absorb time and make the time using it really uncomfortable.
  • In this case, using lotions with less oil, will make this time of the day a breeze.

Same goes if you have dry skin and in that case using oily creams is favorable as the oils in the creams will make your skin less dry and will also provide a mild moisturizing effect as well.

How does a lotion fare against stretch marks?

lotion against stretch marks

Now that you know the difference between them, what does this all have to do with stretch marks?

  • As said, lotions and creams can have very similar ingredients in them, only differing from the few that make the consistency different.
  • Therefore, when done using the end result will be pretty much the same no matter what type you use.
  • The only reason to use one over another is personal preference and the current status of your skin(any other skin problems, dry skin).
  • Pricing also barely varies at all, generally lotions costing around the same as their counterparts.

Its is due to this personal preference that creams/lotions/oils are basically all thrown under the “stretch mark creams” category as the end result they provide is the same, the only difference is their active ingredients that they use to achieve that result.

Therefore, using lotions for your striae does indeed work and just like any other solution(creams,ingredients) they provide the same benefits, with the added benefit of being fast absorbing, great for those who only have a few minutes to apply it and be on their way.

With this, they make it possible to use it even if you cant seem to find the time to apply regular creams.

Do you prefer using a oily cream or a lotion?