Using a TCA Peel for Healing Stretch Marks Stretch Marks

A TCA peel is only one of the many available body treatment procedures, that use a chemical solution to remove the dead outer layer of the skin, making the new layer grow and look much better in contrast.

This type of exfoliation is called chemical exfoliation, the other one being mechanical, where you basically rub the dead cells of you.

As said, a TCA peel is only one of the treatments. If you also use the right concentration for it, they are also suitable for deeper peeling, which works for deep scars. While the range of concentrations (which is how much of it is in a solution, compared to other non-chemical ingredients) range from around 20 to 50 percent.

It is therefore actually not recommended to use more than a 30% concentration for stretch marks only, as more bad than good can be done the more potent chemical you use.

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2 Approaches To Doing TCA Peeling The Right Way

As said, the whole procedure can be approached in 2 different ways.

  • Let a Pro do it for you

While this will be more costly, it will be done by someone who has experience with this and will be able to determine precisely and prescribe the perfect concentration for you that no online guide really can as everyone is different in their skin’s condition. While he/she is mostly used for removing other skin problems like acne, pimples, the dermatologist has seen his share of stretch marks, so going to him for this reason only is completely normal.

  • Or do it Yourself

This is done by buying a TCA peel and applying it by yourself.

Here’s how to do it correctly.

A word of warning that if you are pregnant, talk to your personal doctor or dermatologist for him to give you permission, so that the chemical does not affect you and your offspring in any way or form.

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Make it as effective as possible!

In order for the TCA peel to be as effective as possible, there are some requirements that you will need to follow to achieve your desired goals:

  • If you want the results that you will achieve to stay, you will need to keep applying it over time as a single appliance has little to no effect.
  • After using it the skin will be thinned, meaning a higher exposure to the sun, so you will need to use some form of sun ray protection or avoid exposing yourself to the sun for a while.
  • Due to this being a chemical solution, your skin will need time to re-heal its layer, so only use it at most once per week, preferably on the same day. Otherwise you might damage your live skin.
  • Like surgery or other chemicals, nothing is being added to your skin so the cause of your stretch marks (being overweight for example), will not go away because of the TCA Peel. For it to stay in its good shape, you will need to keep applying it and spending money on it.

While there is no perfect guarantee that this will work, it is still more recommended than using really excessive methods like surgery, while being decently priced, is still cheaper and less invasive. Users report mixed results, even as far as stating that the chemical gives too much of a burning feel when applying.

To counteract this, it is recommended to use solutions with around 20% concentrated chemicals first, then move higher if no results appear after a month or 2. And always, always make sure that the peel you are buying does not have side effects if you have any other skin conditions like acne or dry skin, as it may worsen their condition.

If nothing works, you can always try using some natural solutions so your skin has time to rest.