Top 8 Natural Homemade Remedies For Clear, Vibrant Skin Stretch Marks / Top Lists

Remedies to make your skin as gorgeous, supple looking as possible have been around for dozens of years.

And over time, more tests have been conducted, showing how good the positives of these ingredients actually are.

Not only will it make your skin look and feel younger, but many other skin ailments like acne or other scars will be affected greatly.

What has also grown in the last few years is the interest in stretch mark creams that either remove or prevent scars from appearing and most of them are highly effective at their job.

The issue that you may have with it, is its price and the possibility of it not being completely natural.

While there are some *free trials available to you, this wont really do and you instead wish for something that does not empty your wallet, but still gives a complete natural solution to remove those pesky stretch marks.

And exactly for these kinds of requests, there exist almost as many if not even more natural ingredients that help or are said to help.

For this purpose, here we have the top 8 completely natural remedies, usually taken straight from the source, that can be used or made at home for the soft and scar free skin that you desire.



On 8th place we have lemon, or more precisely its acidic juice.

Due to this property it helps stimulate the scar regions to heal properly, just like with microdermabrasion, where the skin is stimulated using needles.

What is important is to apply the juice directly, meaning no need for mixing, just cut a slice of lemon and apply it on your skin.


shea butter

While not originally meant for stretch marks, its anti-inflammatory and positive other benefits to the skin give it enough of a reason to jump to the 7th place on this top list.

While the reviews are more or less in the middle, using it will certainly provide you with a better looking and supple skin, but expecting anything more is futile as its main purpose is in its moisturizing properties, due to it being used for moisturizers all the time.

The cost is decent, giving a reason enough to just try it once instead of getting that chocolate or coffee for the one day.


coconut oil

Moisturizing, supplying your skin with nutrients, treating other skin problems, all this the oil of the coconut can do for you.

All this without even a mention of stretch marks and you already have yourself a supple, vibrant skin. But to get back to the point, coconut oil has the highest amount of saturated fatty acids of any vegetable oil, making it the longest lasting oil there is.

This way you can keep it in your living room in a drawer or box and it wont spoil at all. This also means that consuming it is a good idea as well.

As for its effectiveness combating stretches, the general review is that comparing to its price which goes around 20$ you would expect a bit more.

Sure, if you can find one that costs ten dollars, then its worth it.

But for 20$ you can actually get some of the low end creams that have 20+ ingredients and not just one.


lavender oil


This one would be higher on the list, but alas the point of this top 8 is not the best smelling, most appealing to use, but for the ones that make your skin as clear, vibrant and stretch mark free as possible.

While its benefits such as being anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, healing burns and sunburns, being a great sleeping aid, being a good massage oil and so forth are all great, they in most cases don’t really affect scars.

It is however easily obtained, so trying it out can be a great experience.


cocoa butter

Yup, even the tasty ingredient of creamy white and black chocolate makes it to the list.

While being perfectly edible and even in the worst case scenario where it doesn’t do anything to help, you can still eat its flavorful goodness and have some enjoyment that way.

The only way for any worse case scenario to happen is when not using it right. You got some old stretches that have been around for a while?

Only a small chance of improvement then, while natural, there exists creams with tens of ingredients who have little effect on them.

But if you got some younger, fresh, red ones then it can still give you the stretch mark free skin you desire.

It wont make your wallet much lighter as well, so its worth giving a try.

Especially because stretch marks cream like Barmon and Palmers use it as their main ingredient.


aloe vera cut into pieces

This little plant has been around as a medical cure for a very, very long time dating back to first being mentioned in the Roman Empire.

Since then, it has been tested by literally millions of people during history and if it has been in use for such a long time with no one complaining about it, then its bound to be good cure.

The usage for stretches has increased in the last century, giving it even more of a reason to use in modern medicine other than for fire and sun burns, scars, acne and so on.

The reviews are slightly tilted towards the positive side, which shows that it does work great at removing/fading scars if used correctly.

Young scars?

  • Sure, it also makes them as close color to you as possible, even when its healing.

Old scars?

  • Probably not, but worth giving a try just to see the possible results.

This ingredient is used heavily in Revitol.


rosehip oil

One of the least appreciated oils there is.

It has so many benefits you could fill a wallpaper with them, yet so little mention of this plant or more exactly its seed’s oil.

Having great amounts of fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamin A and C, every part being tremendously important in your skins work.

What sets it apart from other oils, butters, creams is that even though it is supposed to be a oily, slimy oil, it dries almost instantly and does not leave behind the usual oil.

And what more, the reviews about it are actually leaning on the positive side, meaning that is has great potential for it to work for you, making your skin look better than ever before.


healthy woman

Yes, you read this right.

If you decided to follow only one of these remedies to help with getting back your gracious skin, the best one would be eating enough green, lush vegetables and juicy fruits, while also exercising to sculpt your body into its perfect state.

This will both make your skin look great(including faster stretch mark healing) and increase your confidence through the roof, since having your dream body is the biggest confidence booster there is, it only goes uphill from there.

And at this point, using any good working cream is like adding the finishing tip to the cake!