Top 5 Stretch Mark Myths Destroyed Stretch Marks / Top Lists

When talking about stretch marks and how they are formed, how they can be prevented or treated, who gets them and where, and a dozen of other topics, there is always a tint of certain myths about them that the media likes to tell you. These myths, really need to be cleared out once and for all.

This way not only those who have stretch marks already, but also those who don’t have them yet, will have an easier time finding out what they need to do, without being blinded by the untrue myths or swayed by any not-really-true claims.

Finally, we present to you the top 5 list of stretch marks myths!

Only Women Can Get Stretch Marks

This is the biggest myth that especially men tend to believe, until they actually get them and then have no idea how is it possible that it happened to them.

Mostly due to advertising, which is more or less targeting pregnant women (which is fair, as 90% of pregnant women develop stretch marks during their pregnancy) and when only seeing ads with women and only showing them with these problems, it is no wonder why this myth is so believable for any man watching these ads.

advertisement stretch marks

Example of an advertisement geared towards women.


For women, this doesn’t change a thing, because either way they still get stretch marks. But if you are a male, this might be bad news, as you are just as vulnerable to every other cause of scars as women(apart from pregnancy). And in most cases, males produce less of the skin healing hormone called collagen which is the key element for healing your skin faster. However, the amount isn’t so extreme that there is no chance for a cure if you are a man, it might just take a bit longer.

If possible start preventing them as soon as possible, if not any method that works for women can also work for the male population so do not be afraid to start applying creams or lotions if you are a man, as if you leave them alone, chances are that they will barely improve at all on their own.

I’m Skinny, No Stretch Marks For Me!

skinny woman

Similar as before advertising is teeming with pregnant women having stretch marks and the only time that there are any young gorgeous women shown is in the after slot, without any stretch marks.

So from the advertising, it would be pretty obvious that if you are skinny, you cant get them from being overweight, muscle growth or any of these so called reasons? Right?

Yeah, sounds about right, but it is far from the truth. Sure, if you are skinny you have already avoided the second biggest cause, being overweight.

But, there are more causes that even a skinny woman isn’t safe from. For example, every girl goes through puberty regardless of her weight. Not only that, but if the skin itself is weak in nutrients, it takes very little for it to stretch and start forming marks. It can just happen if you do not use some sort of prevention and/or moisturizing solution.

Fine, Ill Lose Weight And My Stretch Marks Will Be Gone!

will have an easier time finding out what they need to do

Thing is, losing weight is something you and your body will be grateful for long years in the future when you back is still in decent shape and your skin is not ripped all over. If you are severely overweight, losing weight is pretty much a priority, and getting started on your path to a healthy lifestyle takes priority over anything else.

But, if you stay in overweight shape, the weight will rip the skin even faster, so the faster you act, the better it will be in the long run. If you are not that much overweight, hangover skin is rare. Remember though, that when you do lose weight, that the damage was already created during when you were overweight, what you will be doing then is preventing even new ones from showing up, before you can even think of removing the existing ones.

These can be removed with a removal/fading, like creams for example as long as you use them for the recommended amount of time that the producer gives and most importantly, have some good lifestyle habits to top it off.

Permanent Removal Is Impossible

frustrated woman

No! I won’t believe it! You don’t need to. Read on.

Alright, sharpen your eyes, sit down on your chair(or lay down if that’s your thing) and read very carefully.

Stretch marks as a whole are permanent. Yes, they are permanent, but before you begin panicking, ask yourself…What is your goal?

The fact that they are permanent changes nothing. What you are trying to do is make your outer(epidermis) layer look as much as it was before and you do not care what happens anywhere else.

So you do not care about the fact that the second layer(dermis) is where your scars will always stay, no matter if the dermis is healed. And with methods like creams, you can heal up the visible layer, what it looks like below doesn’t matter at all because, well you cant see it at all and no one else can as well.

And when you think about, would your stretch marks bother you if they weren’t these scar-like-tissue marks that “look” so bad?

To recap, permanent removal is possible only visually, the striae will always stay in your deeper skin, but that doesn’t matter if you want to treat them.

All Creams Are Rubbish And Not Worth My Time


Rubbish I tell you!

Completely understandable to have a deflection towards products, however in the stretch mark market the most factual reviews are given by actual reviewers and their sites, coupled with user reviews for each product.

A simple comparison, while your skin is decently fast it can take several years to reach even close to the results that are possible with creams.

Also, almost every cream has been tested in dermatological laboratories for their efficiency and the ingredients that are inside of them always completely made up of natural ingredients or extracts. So imagine like using 20+ homemade creams in one, that’s a stretch mark cream for you.

It shows results in maximum 2-3 months which for the payment that will cost you like buying a few cups of coffee less that month, so it will give you the confidence and improvement you desire, but not make you go broke.

You could however, try testing it out first.