Top 5 Reasons Why Laser Removal May Not Be A Good Idea For Stretch Marks Stretch Marks / Top Lists

Lasers, lasers, lasers. The medical industry has in the last decade expanded with them in almost all areas.

If it is medical related, there is a way to use lasers with it.

And one of these procedures of course include removing stretch marks using laser technology.

Since your striae is in your deeper layer otherwise called the dermis, most creams, oils, ailments have a hard time to reach it and directly affect it into better healing itself.

The only ones that you can change this layer is either by cutting it out with surgery, or with laser treatments.

First, what happens during the laser surgery?

stretch mark laser surgery

When the treatment is being done, it goes through your skin to the dermis layer, creating small damages, waking up the skins healing process, making it heal up much faster than it normally would.

Something that works similarly is when building muscle, what happens there are actually the same damages that the body repairs and makes stronger.

The same process happens with stretch marks, they are stimulated to heal through miniature damages.

This being all fine and in essence is not a horrible treatment, there are 5 reasons why laser surgery may not be a good idea for you.

1. The cost is very high compared to other methods

  • Usually requiring more than 5 seasons to see results, each can cost over 400$.
  • You can get much better and lasting results with other methods, such as creams for much less money.

2. It is not faster at all

  • For example, creams take about 20 – 80 days to see good results.
  • Since you have to be scheduled for laser surgeries, you may wait a long period of time between each session.
  • Meaning that in the time you are going on surgeries, you could have already fixed your stretch marks.

3. Does not add nutrients to your skin

  • Most treatments do not only give the benefit of removing scars, but also moisturize your skin, prevent new stretches, heal other ailments such as cuts, rashes etc.
  • When going through laser surgery, the only part that is forced to being healed is the dermis, nothing else and no additional help is provided to your skin in the form of nutrients.
  • Without nutrients, your skin won’t be strong for a long time and will likely develop new stretch marks afterwards.

4. No guarantee of positive results

  • Even if you pay thousands of hundreds of dollars, the guarantee is the same as using any other method that costs a few bucks.
  • It all depends on your current skin color, age, stretch marks and your age.
  • While the results will be better the younger you and your stretch marks are, there is again no guarantee at all.
  • In any case, the increased investment does not give you a single safety guarantee.

5. You might not need it

  • Homemade creams, commercial creams and so forth are all nicer to your wallet, but can have similar results, without you needing to find a good laser treatment center.
  • In most cases you can either buy the raw ingredients at the nearest store, or conveniently order it directly online to be delivered directly to your home.
  • At that point, taking 5 min a day to apply it is no hassle at all.

If however you do not mind spending money and time to get rid of your stretch marks, buying targeted higher rated creams in bulk quantities (for extended use) can have great results for your skin.

Take care to remember to find one that has good reviews for your type of scars as some worth great against younger, while having no effect on older.

Those creams that have better results are generally pricier, but mostly have the user reviews to back them up. Is laser surgery something you would go through with?