Top 5 Causes of Stretch Marks That Don’t Want to go Away Stretch Marks / Top Lists

Sometimes, stretches appear without warning for what seems like no reason at all.

  • Well usually the opposite is true and they have a pretty good reason to appear in any case.
  • Regardless of the cause, the reason is always the same, to protect your own body from bigger damages.

So instead it creates small ripples in the skin and replaces them with less quality skin cells. While over time it does replace these crappy cells with newer and proper ones, this process can take years to mostly complete without any aid.

  • What are the possible steps that you can take also differs at which stage you currently are (just got them or they have been around for a while) and the effectiveness of the steps.
  • A big question people ask is when they receive these striae, is why they appear in the first place.

Here you have the top 5 biggest causes of stretch marks that encompasses 99% of people who get them.


striae genetics


While still being quite common, it happens a lot less, those unexplained occurrences when someone with great skin care, perfect weight, no weight gain/loss in other words no regular causes apply to them.

  • In that case the cause are more or less your genes.
  • Sure, the lifestyle is a great factor, but just like with any other gene related ailment, you cannot prevent them directly.
  • Using prevention creams and moisturizing your skin, giving it the best chance is always beneficial, but never expect a 100% chance that you will never get them, sometimes only a small amount of pressure is enough to rip a part of the skin apart.
  • And when that happens, the procedure is that same like with any other cause. Removal/fading them with different methods like creams/oils/lotions.


bodybuilding stretch marks

A bit less known, but not less common due to it being mostly exclusive to men as when they decide to gain muscle, it can happen at an outstanding rate due to their high amounts of testosterone hormones.

  • Women are not likely to get striae due to this as they can add much less muscle in the same amount of time as men can, but it is not impossible using different enhancers.
  • But for those men who get them, it can be a bit of a dent to their self confidence, finally achieving their perfect body shape, only to be covered with these pesky scars.
  • Even if more or less every cream that is out there is marketed for women and in very rare cases men are mentioned, almost every cream(except for pregnancy related skin problems) can be used with the same efficiency by men.
  • This means that if it is marketed for women, it can be used by men as well.



Girls and boys who are in their puberty experience one of the most confusing times in their lives, as their bodies and hormones are being changed, rapidly growing bones, breasts, muscles and so on.

  • It is because of this rapid growth that the skin cannot keep up with safely, and slowly starts stretching and ripping itself apart.
  • Now, if you are in this state and got them, you are a bit in the lead.
  • When young, any skin healing is done much, much faster and more completely, making the chance of a complete healing actually possible at this state, especially if using creams or other skin helping products.
  • For the best results, starting to take care of your skin this fast in your life will guarantee a lifelong good silky, smooth looking skin.


woman beauty

While in most cases it can be avoided, gaining weight or merely being overweight puts a lot of pressure on your skin from the inside.

  • Some time under this pressure and the skin will start ripping, causing scars that don’t have plans to ever go away, even if you decide to lose weight at that point.
  • And the only reason why you would get more stretch marks from losing weight, is if excess skin forms and the hanging skin itself rips, but even in that case its better than the alternative, staying overweight.
  • In this case, losing weight is the first step.
  • And while when you lose weight you might start seeing more stretch marks than before, it is not the weight loss that made them form, but now they just become more visible due to your skin being more elastic.

If nothing else, using external help like creams or ingredients to help prevent and fade/remove the existing ones will go a long way to helping your skin return to its former glory.


pregnant woman

Yes, pregnancy is the biggest cause for women to get stretches and this is because over 75% of women who become pregnant will at the end of their pregnancy develop them.

  • Mostly on the abdominal area because of the great extension around that place.
  • Since the percentage is so high, their is also a high percentage of cream that are specialized for only pregnant women for preventing stretch marks as preventing is a mountain easier than removing them.
  • If pregnant, women have only one shot at finding the right cream to use during their pregnancy for prevention, as when they appear any prevention goes right out the window.
  • Therefore, in this case take extra care to find one that works for your skin color and age.