Top 3 Best Ways to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Stretch Marks / Top Lists

It can be pretty confusing what to do, once you get stretch marks. Even more so with all of this contradicting information available and no clear definition as to what would work for you or not.

Because of this many people who decide to go at it, have a high chance of making a bad first choice. But you are not one of those people, as you have decided to first find the best ways to get rid of stretch marks, and then follow what works.

If you don’t know already, try looking at why do you even have your stretch marks.

So without further waiting, here is what you will see in this top 3 list:

  • treatments that actually work (wow, such a secret)
  • and have added benefit to your skin other than to just remove stretches (making them long term)

Remember that to get the best results no matter what you are doing, moisturizing the skin daily will speed up the process and make the skin that much healthier. You can also try using microdermabrasion once in a while, it will make you fell better as well.


healthy eating

Your body is what makes you feel pain, pleasure, joy and so on. If you take care of it and maintain it, while giving it what it needs, it will serve you for a very long time while giving you more pleasure for taking take of it.

Not to mention the added self-confidence and self-respect from such a choice.

Exercise, consuming enough micro-nutrients, not being overweight, moisturizing your skin… All play a important role in maintaining both your body so if you are doing all of these, then an impressive body is yours for the taking.

Since your body is then at its best performance, the skin will follow, giving its best performance when healing your skin. And you don’t need to follow any crazy diets or run a marathon each day to achieve this.

A regular exercise schedule, coupled with at least decent eating habits and taking care of your skin every day and you are all set to go.


aloe vera cream

Home made creams is the answer if you like the whole experience of mixing your own ingredients and trying it out.

Figuring out a recipe of a few ingredients, obtaining them(which will not be that expensive in most cases) and mixing them together produces a cream like substance that you can apply to your skin just like any other stretch mark cream.

Just note that you may or may not see satisfying results as they depend greatly on your choice of ingredients.

Some may work like magic, while most will fail to even make a difference on your skin. Used best if you are testing how your skin reacts to certain ingredients without spending the full price on a cream. You could however, take a look at this nifty guide for homemade solutions.



And the one that has the top success rate of these methods, are creams made specifically to remove striae.

In hindsight, not that different from just mixing together a bunch of natural ingredients.

What makes it stand out from the rest is actual dermatological testing done to help figure out exactly which ingredient helps with a certain skin problem and then putting as many of these proved ingredients into a single solution to create great creams for getting rid of stretches.

While it does cost 30$+, it has the fastest time to produce visible results, with results usually appearing after only 2 – 3 weeks, and full results after less than two months, which is relatively fast as your skin on its own can take years to do the same.

For which one to pick, you can either read the reviews, or just this handy tool to do it for you.

And since you are giving it nutrients, it will have enough to deflect other skill ailments as well, making it not only good for scars, but for the general health of your skin as well.