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As the title reveals, a celebrity regardless of how unreachable they seem, is still just a human with flesh and blood running through their veins.

You name it, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Scarlet Johanson, Angelina Jolie and more or less everyone else that you can think of. No one is safe. No one can hide from nature’s grasp.

  • This means that the list of celebrities with stretch marks is not short at all, even though you might never see their pictures since they keep it so well hidden.
  • Yet this has not prevented them from becoming supermodels or superstars that they are today.
  • Which shows that even for those who became stars, did not let their stretchmarks stop them!

To illustrate, here is the list of those stars who have been caught in good definition to have stretch marks, so you can see for yourself how real the stretch marks are.

Chances are, even on your favorite celebrity!

10. Halle Berry

hale berry stretch marks

We start with Halle Berry, a well known actress and also once a fashion model.

Known best for her appearance in several movies such as the X-Men series, Die Another Day, Catwoman and many more.

While the exact reason why she got them has not been officially shared, we CAN however pinpoint it to her pregnancy.

Pity that she did not do anything about those pregnancy stretch marks, as removing them is easier than it seems if you are pregnant.

In the year 2008, she gave birth to her first child which might have induced the stretching to start. And even though she still has them today, she still lives her life, continues to film great movies all without breaking a sweat!

9. Cindy Crawford


  • Cindy, a well known model, where her job depends on whether she can look the best every single day.
  • And yet even though age and 2 pregnancies have taken their tool on her body, she is still a model in her 40’s.
  • A great show why no one can run away from nature, not even your favorite celebrities or role models!

8. Lady Gaga

lady gaga stretch marks

  • Even one of the biggest name of the game is not safe from stretch marks.
  • This picture was taken after her show in New York where she was promoting her new video, called Applause.
  • Without clothing to shield her, she showed her upper breasts have indeed been affected by stretches.
  • In the last year, it is speculated that she has used a removal cream called Revitol.

7. Britney Spears

britney-spears-stretch marks

Britney, one of the most known actress and singer in the last decade, she also cannot escape the clutches of nature.

But wait?

I don’t see any stretch marks anywhere on this picture?

Well this is the reason why celebrity pictures with stretch marks are so rare.

They know how to conceal them really good.

6. Victoria Bechkam


After giving birth to her daughter, Victoria got some stretch marks.

  • She however decided that it’s not something she wants to have anymore, and bought over 50 Bottles of Rodial Stretch MX.
  • Did that do it?
  • No one knows, so its all just speculation whether her treatment actually worked or not.

5. Jessica Alba


Jessica, after giving birth to her child, openly admitted to having scars from the pregnancy.

  • However, no high quality pictures exist yet.

She has however learned to live with it, and accepting that it was a necessary trade off to get the wonderful experience of being pregnant!

4. Shakira

shakira stretch marks

Shakira, the singer-songwriter, dancer, record producer, choreographer, and model.

What a list!

And it is through following her work with passion that her body was bound to show some signs of wear and tear, and it did not take long for stretch marks to start appearing on her buttocks!

3. Scarlet Johanson

scarlet johanson stretch marks

Scarlet, very popular actress and singer is at the peak of her career, staring in many known movies such as The Avengers, The Avengers 2 , Iron Man 2 and many more to follow! Again..

  • Where are the stretch marks?
  • And again we say..
  • She has people who really know how to fade or hide her imperfections.
  • However, she does have them on her breasts if you look close enough.

2. Angelina Jolie

Angelina_Jolie_stretch marks

Angelina Jolie, a known actress that everyone knows in which movies she was in(Tomb Raider, Mr & Mrs. Smith and many, many more), has admitted to having stretch marks, and started to love them for what they are.


Yeah, not happening with her army of beauty agents.

1. Kim Kardashian

kim kardashian stretch marks

Kim, a television personality who gained her fame through the show Keeping Up with the Kardashians subsequently maintaining that interest with her constant desire to appear in the first pages on the news.

Now, where are her stretch marks?

Well, with her public image depending on her constant perfect look, getting a picture of her stretch marks is next to impossible.

She has however admitted that she at least had them and used Bio Oil as a base. But hers were really small, so unless yours are small, use something more potent, like Revitol or maybe Skinception.

The Verdict?

As you can see, not even your idol is completely safe from them as they are humans just like you and me.

  • And in the long run, if they want to remove them, they have to take the same steps as you would.
  • This means a few good lifestyle choices(which most beauty celebrities have achieved) and adding nutrients to the skin with creams(doing only healthy choices can take years for results, this reduces them to weeks).

Sure, some celebrities go crazy and try doing surgery, but this changes nothing.

  • Just like if someone decides to lose weight through surgery removal, you will see that while they have changed their image, they did nothing to remove the cause.
  • You will still have your confidence on the bottom.
  • And after time there is a high chance that person will return back to their image before the surgery.
  • So follow the smart celebrities that remove them without going crazy with surgeries.



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