Those Blasted Deep Stretch Marks – How to Get Rid of Them? Stretch Marks

Deep stretch marks are almost always the product of pregnancy, no other circumstance induces such rapid skin stretching so intensely. While it is also possible to obtain them because of weight loss/gain and muscle growth, it is much rarer.

The problem with deeper stretch marks is that since they are so deeply ingrained in your skin, they are not as easy to remove. While the advice and steps are similar compared to usual scars, the chance of success is much lower if you use any of the cheaper alternatives.

Free Steps You Can Take

no cost, small

Works great if you are on a budget, can’t afford to buy a full fledged treatment or just don’t want to spend any money to get rid of your striae.

  • Keep your skin hydrated at all times, this mostly means that you should drink enough water so your body is at its best efficiency for healing deep stretch marks and also preventing new stretch marks. Do this even after stretch marks problem is dealt with.
  • Keep your diet full of micro nutrients, there are several that your body can not produce on its own, yet they are essential for your skin to continue working at its maximum potential. Vegetables, fruits and so on.
  • Keep yourself in shape, if you are in great shape, every process in your body happens faster and with less effort, meaning that your skin will also feel its effect. While this is completely up to you, being active will make you feel better about yourself and make the stretches look less important as well.
  • Test out a Cream, some producers who prefer a good public opinion instead of a bank filled to the brink, offer creams as a trial, requiring for you to pay nothing at the start. Only if you are satisfied and do no return the cream in the time that the producer gives (usually around 1 – 3 months) will you be billed for it. If not satisfied, just return it in its original box. This way you can quickly test out multiple creams to see which one works and is worth buying into.

All these steps are relatively free steps (meaning that no additional money needs to be spent) other than changing some habits.

Middle Steps That You Can Take

small cost

While costing some money, the value is really small compared to the usual spending that a normal person does(a few cups of coffee less and you saved enough for example).

  • Creams. It may seem like this is an investment, but investing 40-100$ for a cream solution is actually one of the cheaper solutions compared to the later not-so-cheap steps. Stretch mark creams are mostly tested and reviewed, which means picking a good one is not as much of a problem as it once was, before extensive reviews were made by multiple people. Due to the nature of deep stretch marks, expect the results to range from not many up to good cover / blend. Meaning that even if they do heal, the scars deep in the skin can stay there even after the treatment, but unless searched for, they will not be visible.
  • Make Your Own Cream, while it sounds great in theory, it can backfire if the wrong ingredients are used and may give no results at all, other than smoother or puffier skin. Since creams basically use multiple ingredients, they can be bought separately and only those which are tested to be working can be added to the mix and applied the same way as creams. This usually makes it an even cheaper option than creams since the ingredients can be bought easily in their raw form.

Not-So-Cheap Steps You Can Take

a lot of money

These steps are really only possible with a rather large money investment.

  • Laser surgery, letting the laser stimulate your deeper layers of the skin for increased healing.
    • While this is usually good at reducing stretch marks, permanent removal is also very rare, especially with deep ones.
    • The cost is also matched, usually ranging anywhere from 1600$ to about 5000$ depending on how many sessions it takes to see satisfying results.
    • The type of treatment also varies as if your scars are red a dye laser is used, if they are whiter then a fractionated laser is used.
  • Skin Surgery, and in this case let the surgeon cut out the deep scars, guaranteeing a permanent removal for striae from that area.
    • Very straightforward, the actual procedure is of course tailored to each person, but it is also the costliest option there is, ranging anything from 3000$ to 10000$, again depending on the person in question.
    • Only recommended if you have tried multiple cheaper methods and after months you still do not see good results.
    • After the surgery is done, be prepared to be in recovery for a decent amount of time, as it takes time for the skin to heal after such a surgery.