The Truth Whether Guys Care About Your Stretch Marks Stretch Marks

Asked hundreds of times, let us end this misconception once and for all, and reveal the truth whether guys actually care about your stretch marks or not.

First, and biggest important factor whether a guy cares about your scars is completely dependent on his personality so saying the same thing for everyone is pointless. If he wants a perfect princess for his girl/wife, he will be bothered by the smallest flaws in a girls body, stretch marks just being one of them.

On the other hand, if he likes her for what she is, a small scar is nothing else but something that makes her unique.

Have you ever noticed that no matter who you run into, everyone has their flaws?

Even a movie star or singer you aspire to or look up to has problems with their life? It is only how we deal with these flaws that make us what we are.

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Well, what can you do about it?

For example, if you decide to dwell upon it and direct your attention to it, it only gets worse.

Have you noticed that when you think about something you don’t like, you tend to like it even less?

This is the same with everything else. If you keep saying how crappy something in your life is, chances are it will be even worse.

Instead, try adopting a mentality to look what you do have. If you are reading this, probably food, water, a home, access to the Internet, which already puts you in the top 20% of people in the world. But that isn’t important in this question.

To return to the question, guys are just as insecure as you are, remember that when feeling insecure about your stretch marks.

Most people are in fact so insecure that they don’t notice other people being insecure.

Think about it, have you noticed any of your friends being insecure?

They are at similar age, with similar problems, yet you can’t see their insecurity at all. As you can see, it’s the same for them, they don’t see you insecurity unless you go out of your way to show it to them. Feeling less insecure isn’t all that hard though, in fact it can be easy.

While it might seem like they have it all figured out, many people by the age of 60 don’t having anything figured out.

In a relationship, and would like to improve?

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Now, if you are in a relationship, improving yourself and your spouse in a relationship is a great way to strengthen it. This either includes doing good habits together, loosing weight, taking care of yourself and so on.

And while stretches are not medically dangerous, they can be visible and you might not be able to get our of your skin and be distracted by them. And because of this, you can become quite conscious of them and avoid showing them to anyone. Completely understandable, and just fading them a bit is usually enough to get you through this.

In other times, it is just the girl that wishes to get rid of them so she can be more confident about herself. Just like having a good looking body will do wonders to your confidence, removing scars will increase it even further.

So in this case, it is totally reasonable to want to get rid of them and it can be done without spending hundreds of dollars. But in the end some guys do not even notice them until you bring it up.

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So what does this mean for me?

The best way to go about it is to take care of yourself and if he does the same (if you do decide get rid of your stretches, he can also do something equal to improve himself) it will be a great improvement to a great relationship.

If he only wants you to change, without him doing anything in contrast then you might want to have a long talk about it, just to bring to his attention to the one-sided request he is making.

You will be amazed at what a good honest chat will do to your relationship.