The Only Cure for Stretch Marks There Is Stretch Marks

Just like when anything else is going amiss with your body, someone somewhere has probably developed a cure for it.

The thing is, that for treating scars, there is no general or universal cure that will work for everybody.

When in bed with a fever, you already know what 1-3 pills you have to take to get a result, since they are so universal to use and there is only a small portion of people that either have immunity to them or reject the materials within them.

With scars, this is a bit different, as there are numerous factors in play, such as your age, your skin color, your genetics, your current skin state, allergies and much more that all affect whether the cure that you decide to use will be effective at all.

So what IS the cure?

It is important that before deciding on a cure, you first decide how far do you want to go.

The cure is divided into 3 sets.

  • Yes, some sets have almost a 100% removal rate, but they also come with heavy monetary and time costs so be sure to set a limit beforehand.
  • Then it all falls on to you to make the decision what cure to use.

First Set Of The Cure

health stretch marks

The first one is the cheapest to do, costs no additional money, it can take some time extra to apply the steps and are the steps that will work for everybody, since you are actually helping your body for it to perform better healing.

While it is all effective, on its own it can still take rather a long time for good results (year or 2).

  • ¬†Maintain a Healthy Weight / Cardiovascular Health
  • ¬† Eat enough Nutrients, Vitamins
  • ¬† Hydrate Yourself At All Times

Do these 3 steps if at all possible, as a healthy weight/condition is beneficial not only to your body but your skin as well, making it faster to heal injuries and prevent them from happening in the first place.

Hydration is also a good cure as many people do not drink enough water through the day, robing their bodies of much needed fluids for it to work as good as it can.

Second Set Of The Cure

stretch mark creams

For the second set, you need to be a bit more picky about it, and not just do what everyone else is doing.

These 2 are moderately cheap depending on which step you decide to do, and requires just a bit of time to implement.

Most creams have a good effect on the skin due to the ingredients that are proven to work in your favor, but realize that homemade creams might be less effective as there you create your own ingredient mixture and apply that.

With bought creams, the ingredients are usually tested and reviewed to work, but it is important to choose one that fits your exact needs or one that has reviews of other people who have successfully used it.

Third Set Of The Cure


And the last are the most expensive steps and should never be taken unless you have followed the previous steps for at least half a year with no results at all.

Their very high cost makes them an option to only use if you are willing to pay a great deal of money for removing your scars, but realize that in both surgeries, it is only a removal process, no added prevention and nutrition benefits like with creams.

  • Laser Surgery
  • Skin Surgery

During laser surgery, your dermis is stimulated to heal your striae faster.

Try thinking twice before taking this route though.

During skin surgery however, your scars are cut out of your body altogether making it the only direct solution, just know that there is no guarantees that you are scar free for the rest of your life.

It is worth noting that the recovery also takes a good amount of time, so expect your daily routine to be hindered during the recovery time for quite a long time.