The 3 Different Steps to Treat Stretch Marks the Right Way Stretch Marks

While the title gives a feeling like there is only one perfect way to treat stretch marks, you will see that its not like that.

The path to removing them can be as different as you want it to be.

Several factors apply, such as where did the scars appear, how old are they, what color are they, what is your skin color, what is your age and if you have any additional skin problems.

You can skip all of this if you are in a rush, and let this time-saving tool find the best path for you.
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Now, before going on, mentally answer these 2 answers.

  • What is your skin color and age? Another deciding factor, as some creams may work better against certain skin colors. Your own age is the last one, as regardless of what you are doing (other than skin surgery), the healing is still done by your skin, which has a certain potential to heal. When younger, this potential is exponentially higher compared to when you are older.

There are some steps that are universal and will work for anyone, regardless of race, gender or age.

Steps that while again, will vary in efficiency from person to person, will always be beneficial to your skin and your body as a whole if done correctly.

Divided into 3 steps, each step outlines a few guidelines to follow, consisting from beginner steps, which require no additional investment at all and only some of your time and habit changes.

Intermediate is the next one, requiring a small amount of investment, but after that, not much to do other than do it every day for a few minutes.

Well, we have one more step..

Read on to see which it is.

Beginner Steps


Beginner steps are the steps that anyone can take with a guaranteed positive outcome, without investing any money or time in any solution or cream.

These are recommended to do even if you did not have stretch marks, and also to continue doing them after the initial treatment.

This way your chance of ever having any new stretches is almost impossible.

  1. Exfoliate (Using a hard body brush, the dead cells on the upper layer of the skin are brushed off. This is done as normally, the process of dead skin removal is so slow that their layer is always present, never letting the live cells see the light of day. When trying to treat stretches, always exfoliate beforehand, this assures that any cream or lotion solution that your are applying to your skin is at its best potential to work.)
  2. Eat Healthy Food (Getting your daily dose of vitamins, minerals or micro nutrients is very important in maintaining your skin health in the long run. Just remember that two times the amount does not equal two times better skin. Works great at maintaining a healthy weight, which negates a big reason for stretch marks, being overweight. Also, remember to eat enough variety to get enough of your vitamins, such as vitamin e.)
  3. Be As Active As Possible (Being active not only increases your skin health and regeneration speed, but makes your body much more healthier and faster to react to any damages. The type of activity is irrelevant as long as your heart rate is elevated during it, meaning running, weight lifting, walking, swimming, hiking and so on.)
  4. Drink Enough Water (When you drink enough water, your body is at its best chance and working capacity for preventing stretches and healing existing ones. As your body is composed almost entirely of it, there is no substitute for a glass of water, this also means that a glass of juice is not a substitute, as it contains sugars. Just be careful not to drink too much.)

Intermediate Steps

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Intermediate steps is where every step on its own can be sufficient depending on how severe your striae is.

Their efficiency is also different and your skin, stretch mark age and color make a big difference in the end results.

Doing the beginner steps with the intermediate steps will provide the best possible results for barely any expense whatsoever.

  1. Homemade Solutions (Homemade solutions are just ingredients that you mix yourself at the leisure of your own home. What ingredients to mix is under your control and therefore the results are also completely under your control. While this may be a pretty cheap solution if it works for you, since the ingredients themselves are usually cheap. It may also have little to no effect at all if you choose the unfit ingredients.)
  2. Stretch Mark Creams (With creams, since they are usually well reviewed and tested, they should be a straightforward solution and decision on which one to use. However, this is where it is the most important to find a good cream for your scars, as there are many creams currently on the market, and while some work great, a lot of them have very mixed results, so find one that has good reviews for your type of stretch marks.)

Advanced Steps…?


Yes, you also have advanced steps on your disposal, which increase the money required by a whole lot, making your wallet much lighter real fast.

These steps are outlined to show the full range of possibilities, if you have followed the beginner and intermediate steps for a few months without no results, only then is it worth to consider going full force or in other words, with surgery.

  1. Laser Surgery (In this surgery, using a laser, your cells around the striae are damaged, thus stimulating the healing. This procedure is costly, with each appointment costing up to 700$ with at least 5-6 appointments required, with no written guarantee for great results. You should however, think a bit if it’s worth it.)
  2. Skin Surgery (When skin surgery is performed, your scars are cut out from your body. This is the only real permanent solution as in any other solution the scars always stay, they just stop being visible for the naked eye. Being the most invasive of them all, it produces its own surgery scars, which means a good amount of time will be spent healing them after the surgery. The cost can be as high as 15 thousand dollars, being the most expensive one, only to be used in extreme conditions.)