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Stretch Mark Cream : Mustela Stretch Marks Double Action Review Reviews

What is Mustela Stretch Marks Double Action? It claims especially great results with pregnant women, who have used the cream during their pregnancy and a majority of women did not develop any stretch marks at all due to the effect of the cream. Its biggest plus is the moisturizing and nourishing factor, making your skin much better against any damages that may occur, such as...

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Stretch Mark Prevention Creams – Do they even work? Stretch Marks

Due to hundreds of prevention creams currently around and the mixed reviews on some of them, it can be quite a predicament to pinpoint if they work or not. However, let us take a step back and look at the science behind it, so you will know what is actually happening when you apply a prevention cream. Your Skin’s Structure – The First Fact Here...

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Using Tattoos As A Way To Cover Stretch Marks? Stretch Marks

Tattoos have been around in our society for a long time, even the old tribes used it as a show of honor and status in society. While today, not as much for those reasons, they are still used heavily for visual purposes. If done correctly and by a skilled tattooist that knows what he is doing and can really bring those nice colors to shine,...

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