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3 Easy Ways to Deal with Skin Tags During Pregnancy Skin Tags / Top Lists

If you are pregnant, the changes which occur in your body could fill an entire book to show in full detail. But what we will be focusing on, is skin tags. It is actually rather common and completely normal that during pregnancy you will develop skin tags. Why is this the case? Well hormones for one play a part, however there is one more thing...

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Stretch Mark Cream : Rodial Stretch MX Review Reviews

What is Rodial Stretch MX? This cream is one of the rarer creams that actually are not centered on stretch marks directly, but more on the overall skin health and improvement. It is worth noting that even the producer itself does not mention any specific improvements for stretch marks, but only a decrease in skin impurities like wrinkles and fine lines. So in the claims...

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Stretch Mark Cream : Elastin3 Review Reviews

What is Elastin3? Elastin3 is a stretch mark cream, that is very ambiguous in what it claims. It also has a mufti-functional purpose, as other than stretches, it also helps against varicose and spider veins, relieves aches or muscle pain, reduces swelling and generally nurtures your skin with much needed minerals. While its effectiveness is questionable, its before and after pictures show that it does help in lessening their...

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