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5 Great Ways To Conceal and Hide Your Stretch Marks Stretch Marks / Top Lists

Concealing and hiding is widely used not only for stretch marks, but for almost anything that could make us feel bad about how we look. This is even more true with scars as removing them is in most cases a long term procedure. What this means is that even if you speed it up using creams and therefore speed it up, it can still take...

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Why Can Stretch Marks Be So Itchy? Stretch Marks

Stretch marks, usually formed because of pregnancy, weight gain/loss, puberty can be a big dent in your self image and coincidentally your self confidence. But apart from the visual problem that they cause, the really annoying side effect is that they can itch! And as you know when you get an itch, you want to annihilate it, just so it would finally stop. And while...

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