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How To Use a Derma Roller the Right Way Stretch Marks

Using a derma roller is a procedure that is usually done by a trained professional. However, doing it at home is also possible, if you follow a concise set of instructions that portray exactly what to do and especially what you need to be careful about when doing it. Precautions Before Starting First, a list of precautions is in order that need to be read...

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Is Micro Needling Safe Enough To Use On Stretch Marks? Stretch Marks

Micro needling and stretch marks. Do these 2 mix well together? What makes stretches different is that they can show up without warning and you can’t find yourself in the usual list of causes for stretch marks. And once they come around they don’t plan on ever leaving, sure they might settle in a bit, but to leave? Not on their list. But you do...

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What Even Gets Rid of Stretch Marks? Stretch Marks

Otherwise called striae , stretch marks are a condition that does not endanger your life in any way. While obvious, people really forget this fact all to much, and go crazy as if their life is in danger. In fact, the reason why stretch marks appear is because your body is protecting you as it should, meaning its a byproduct of your body doing a...

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