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Rosacea. What is it, What Causes it, What to do about it Rosacea

Rosacea on it’s own can easily be mixed up with just regular acne, but while scientists mostly know why acne is caused and formed, it isn’t so with Rosacea. What even is Rosacea? Simply put, Rosacea is a: benign condition(harmless), chronic(doesn’t go away) inflammatory(painful swelling). It appears in the form of red skin, bumps, pimples, more thick skin and even eye irritation. These symptoms aren’t...

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What are Skin Tags and Why Do We Even Get Them? Skin Tags

More or less everyone in their lives will or has at one point of their lives had skin tags. You might have had them as well and just didn’t notice them. If you have them now, it is important to know as much as you can about them as chances are, it will come in handy as you will be at complete ease when you...

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