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How To Stop Stretch Marks From Appearing? Stretch Marks

Not a simple task, but to stop them from appearing is the most effective from anything else (removal, fading). When they do appear, the skin is already ripped and your dermis(second layer of your skin) is ripped as well. Thing is, this 2nd layer never really heals no matter what you do. Yes, you can help it a bit, but the scar will always be...

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Can Stretch Marks Even be Removed Once They Appear? Stretch Marks

Asked so many times, can stretch marks be removed. Contradicting evidence is everywhere, from those saying that it is completely possible and that everyone can be cured, to those saying that every solution is just a scam and that once they appear they are there to stay forever. The actual answer is much more in the gray area and should be taken with a grain...

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