Stretch Marks With All Their Might, Do They Ever Go Away? Stretch Marks

Getting stretch marks really is a bummer and once they are here, they don’t plan on going away anytime soon.

If you leave them alone, they get themselves all cozy and comfortable and never really have a plan to leave, even though the skin will do its best to try to shoo them away.

Sure, after some time they might loosen up a bit, but they will always be visible and never really go away…

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What to do?

Unless you do something about it.

When striae comes around, its usually because you’re either

  • pregnant,
  • overweight,
  • gaining muscle,
  • going through puberty
  • or just have some bad luck with your genetics.

Since the area under your skin expands abruptly, it gets pressured really fast, which results in those pesky stretch marks, breaking your layers and replacing them with half-good layers. And these half-good layers can look really bad.

Another reason why you get them is hormonal, which is why even if you are really skinny you can get them.

Not to sound like a doomsayer, but no one is safe from them, unless your genetics are top notch.

But doing something about is probably not as simple right?

Or else stretch marks would be as common as the black plague?

Well no, it is actually very straightforward and you can do a great deal without breaking a sweat. We actually make it look easy.

Here’s the 3 steps to show them the door and help them on their way out of your body.

3 Steps How You Can Show Them The Door

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    • Picture your body as a whole and its veins, arteries, organs and so on. If your body as a whole is weaker, anything else that goes around it gets weaker as well. If you do not feed it enough good foods, not only your body, but the brain, skin and other important organs will not have enough nutrients to work correctly. And you really need enough nutrients. When something is done to improve your body(physique, nutrition, hydration) everything else will improve in return. Therefore, the first and most effective way to improve your stretch marks is to improve your body first. It will also do wonders to your self image as well, this is a proven and tested fact.
    • If your body is healthy, in shape and sufficiently hydrated then not much can be done directly to improve it anymore. What can be done though is applying nutrients from outside, in the form of moisturizers. Moisturizers are recommended to be used at all times as much as possible, it makes your skin smooth as silk, not dry as sand and stronger against any damage that you may get, either scars, stretch marks, acne and so on. Any moisturizer will work, as long as it does it job and doesn’t agitate your skin.
    • Even if you are already doing the 2 above, or do not feel like doing them, what is the next best thing you could be doing? Well, another way to help the skin from outside is using stretch mark creams. Similar like moisturizers, but their main purpose it to deliver dermatological tested natural ingredients that speed up the recovery time from more than a year, to less than 3 months for full results, usually delivering results within the first few weeks. Just make sure that when picking one out, it follows these 4 steps on trusting a review.
      This is exactly what you might be missing for that perfect skin tone and beach worthy body without unsightly striae all over.

Basically, stretch marks on their own have no plans to go away, ever.

Your skin does a good job at rushing them out the door, but especially if you are older it is not as successful as you would want it.

So following as many recommended steps as you can is almost a guarantee of success, so try doing them all and be amazed by the results they will yield.

There is one more thing to mention though, when you will be treating them during those few weeks, you might already want to have less stretch marks without waiting.

For this time, concealing them is the perfect alternative as it works for those few instances when you will want to show your skin.

Does it feel great knowing that not all is lost and you can still get rid of your stretch marks?