Stretch Mark Prevention Creams – Do they even work? Stretch Marks

Due to hundreds of prevention creams currently around and the mixed reviews on some of them, it can be quite a predicament to pinpoint if they work or not.

However, let us take a step back and look at the science behind it, so you will know what is actually happening when you apply a prevention cream.

Your Skin’s Structure – The First Fact

skin structure for stretch marks

Here we have a representation of the skins structure, and the layers that are important to us are the epidermis and the dermis. The layer that is the reason why scars occur is the dermis layer.

When the skin gets stretched due to pregnancy, bodybuilding, weight gain, weight loss and so on, this layer is ripped, letting your epidermal layer thin itself since nothing is holding it anymore.

Nothing vital is damaged in this process as the skin still retains its healing abilities and over time, the dermis layer and the epidermal layer heal, just not to their original state.

Collagen and elastin, or the lack of these during a stretching period is what creates scars.

In this case, creams that prevent these damages to your skin have ingredients in them that increase the production of these two needed elements for the skin.

Thus decreases the healing time and making the new bonds stronger and less likely to rip again.

So, where do creams come in the picture?

woman applying cream
Now you know what happens, regardless of creams being in the picture or not.

But, when creams are thrown in to the picture, have they actually, on real people, shown to work?

The answer is a complete yes, with tons of people using all sorts of prevention creams and solutions with favorable results.

The community is full of heavily reviewed creams for preventing stretch marks.

So picking a good one has been made as easy and comfortable as possible, as everyone has once been there, being completely new without direction, feeling lost and in fear of doing something wrong.

Not here though, as finding one with good ratings is all you really need.

applying cream
This works specially well if you are pregnant and are looking to prevent stretch marks.

While you might feel really uncomfortable, because you really have only one chance at this.

But its actually even easier, because more than 60% of creams were specially made for women like you, having tons of great reviews too boot.

And since women mostly have babies around the same age range(give or take a few years) their skin condition is roughly similar, meaning if a cream has worked for many pregnant women, it will almost certainly work for you as well.

So don’t worry, find a good one, but do it as soon as possible, as around 90% women do develop stretches during their pregnancy if nothing is done.

So no matter what is going to happen to your body, preventing is always a hundred times easier than curing.

When curing stretch marks, the chances of them disappearing completely are really slim, so once they happen, they don’t plan on leaving anytime soon.

So if you can, prevent as soon as possible, you will thank yourself in a few years when you still have the scar free body.

Do you still have doubts about prevention creams?


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