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What is Palmers Stretch Mark Cream?

palmers stretch mark cream
The Palmers cream is one of the specialized products that are currently on the market, specializing in preventing stretch marks during pregnancy. This means that the cream is not recommended to use for removing scars, as it is likely to have no results whatsoever in any other situation.

Its main component is cocoa butter. The cream is also tested by dermatologists, so the chance of a reaction with the skin is almost impossible. What it differs from other creams that it is divided into 3 different types, each targeting a certain area. First is the massage cream, which targets the belly, thighs and breasts.

Second is the lotion, which its main purpose is to be better for those women who cannot stand the smell of the cream(cocoa tinted smell) during the pregnancy. And the third is tummy butter, which also contains Lavender oil for a faster absorption.

It claims the following:

  • If you are pregnant, use this cream to prevent stretch marks with good results or a 97% chance of improvement
  • Also claims to fade stretch marks coupled with preventing them

What is the reality?

It does indeed prevent stretch marks, but nowhere near the 97% that it claims.
It however does NOT remove scars at all.


  • Acetylaringyltryptophyl Diphenylglycine ,
  • Behentrimonium Methosulfate ,
  • Benzoic Acid , Sorbic Acid ,
  • Benzyl Benzoate , Benzyl Cinnamate
  • Benzyl Salicylate , D Limonene ,
  • Butylene Glycol , Caramel
  • Butylphenyl Methylpropional
  • Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter ,
  • Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil ,
  • Centella Asiatica Extract , Hydrolyzed Collagen
  • Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil , Cetyl Alcohol
  • Elaeis Guineensis (Palm) Oil
  • Glycerin , Propylene Glycol Stearate
  • Hexyl Cinnamic Aldehyde , Hydroxycitronellal
  • Hydrolyzed Elastin , Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil
  • Hydroxyethylcellulose
  • Linalool
  • Mineral Oil (Paraffinum Liquidum)
  • Peg 8 Stearate , Phenoxyethanol ,
  • Petrolatum , Glyceryl Stearate , Propylene Glycol
  • Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil
  • Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Extract
  • Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter ,
  • Tocopherol Acetate
  • Wateraqua


The recommended usage is 3 times per day, you are however welcome to apply it more, just be careful not to overdo it.

Best times to apply it are in the morning after you wake up and after the shower when your skin is most responsive and fresh for absorbing.

When applying, you can apply it all over the target area using a circular motion to decrease the time it takes for absorbing.

User Reviews

“I have a workout routine, low bodyfat and a bit of stretch marks on my tummy. Tried a lot of stretch mark creams and nothing worked. Used the palmers tummy cream for a few weeks and nothing really changed. I really thought this one would be it.”

Testimonial Cindy Z.
Cindy Z.

“This is great to keep your skin moisturized to prevent stretch marks, was using it through my whole pregnancy, and never got a single stretch mark. Palmers is the best.”

Testimonial Alice

Palmers Stretch Mark Cream Ratings

  • 74%
    Good Customer Support - 74%
  • 50%
    No Money Back Guarantee - 50%
  • 70%
    4 weeks + to see Results - 70%
  • 69%
    Average+ User Reviews - 69%
  • 74%
    Neutral Smell - 74%
  • 73%
    Average+ Cost / Results Ratio - 73%
  • 92%
    12$ Cost - 92%

Final Verdict

A very inexpensive stretch mark prevention cream that works best when used for prevention treatment, but most users report little to no improvement if used for stretch mark removal.

User Review
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