Skin Tags, are they Dangerous or Harmless? Skin Tags

One day, minding your own business and not doing anything in particular, you spot that a weird nudge of skin has sprouted from your skin.

If you have seen this before, you can immediately figure out that it’s a skin tag.

If this is your first one and you are not sure what it is, you should then identify it with certainty first, so you can be certain that what you are looking at is actually a skin tag and not a mole or anything else. You might even be scared at this point, because you heard that some tags can actually be harmful! Is this the case with skin tags?

So are skin tags dangerous?

skin tag dangerous

News and television are relentless with news about cancer, malignant tumors or whatnot appearing so it is no wonder why so many(maybe even you) feel fearful when they spot something even slightly resembling a tag on their skin.

Even more so when its a weird clump of skin that looks bad.. And it suddenly appears on your skin out of nowhere.

And you probably ask yourself in a fearful voice, is this a sign of diabetes? Or maybe even cancer?

Let’s put this fear to rest once and for all. Read this.

  • If you took the time to read the article linked, you can pretty much breathe in relief.
  • As there have been NO studies done that have shown that having skin tags is a precursor to cancer and diabetes.
  • As simple as that, skin tags are completely harmless, benign (which means they are not cancerous in any way) and do nothing but hang around until they are either cut off or fall off because of friction. Otherwise, totally harmless.

You can still feel them though and if you are not careful, they can become irritated or inflamed, causing some discomfort and pain.

Let’s just say you don’t want that to happen as it can hurt quite a bit.

So now that you know that you are safe from any sort of harm, is there any danger if you try to remove them by yourself?

What about any Skin Tag removing dangers?

skin tag removal danger

Even though leaving them alone won’t throw your life into danger, leaving them might just make your self-esteem drop, especially if the tag is in a rather visible place, such as the eyelids or neck area and if the tag is so big that’s it almost impossible to conceal.

Removing them by yourself with your own hands, while it may be a rather simple procedure, can also be a bit dangerous, especially if this is your first time doing it.

The biggest 3 dangers when doing it at home are this:

1. Bleeding

  • No matter if you cut your arm off, or your skin tag off, it will bleed.
  • While not as much, if the tag is big, or near an artery, it can take quite a few tissues to make the bleeding stop.
  • You can however prepare for this one by having some tissues or towels nearby, but always be prepared for an excess flow of blood.
  • Also, remember to have the affected area above your heart. For example, if you have it on your arm, lift the arm so its above your heart, and gravity will keep the flow of blood to a minimum.

2. Infection

  • This one is pretty much impossible to prepare, apart from disinfecting everything you will come in contact with during the removal. This happens often when trying to remove the skin tag with old scissors and less with dental floss since it’s already disinfected.
  • What is recommended though is to monitor the area for a few days if it starts to become infected.
  • If it does, go straight to your doctor and follow what he has to say.

3. Scarring

  • While this can be avoided by using non-direct ways like creams, if you use scissors or a nail clipper even the most perfect cut can still cause some scarring in the form of a permanent scar. So in the end you will end up trading a tag for a scar.
  • It is worth that such a scar is almost impossible to treat, so only attempt using scissors or a nail clipper if you are confident that you will not scar yourself.

The Big Picture

What this means for you is that if you don’t like going to the doctor (which is always recommended):