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What is Dermisil Skin Tag Remover?

Dermisil, like some other companies has more than just one product for different non-threatening health issues like nail-fungus. Some say that this solution could even work for warts, but that does not matter here, what matters is if it works for skin tags.

However, since warts and skin tags are similar in the fact that you want them gone either way… It’s completely understandable why they are mixed together so many times. Now, for it’s skin tag solution, they boast with being a topical solution with 100% natural ingredients, coupled with acting fast to remove skin tags(no precise time is given).

What matters in the end is only one thing.. Does it do what it claims?


It claims the following:

  • Works fast to relieve skin tags.
  • Skin tags dry up and fall off without any pain present.

What is the reality?

Many users claim that it took a long time for any results to show up or didn’t do anything.
For those few that it did work, there was indeed no pain present.


  • Due to almost unknown official site, full ingredient list is not available.


Swab a soaked cotton bud on the skin tag at least once per day to a maximum of 3 times. Continue using for at least 3 weeks before calling quits.

User Reviews

“When I was buying this, I read a review that was rather bad, but I thought it was just a “bad apple” so to speak, and gave it a shot anyway. Well, long story short, after 3 weeks, there is absolutely no change. I’ve been applying it every day just as the instructions said, and I can see not change at all. Disappointed.”

Testimonial Lucy T.
Lucy T.

“I had this product for a month and the only thing it did is made me hate it. It smells really bad, and I mean it. I tried soaking the skin tag, being rough with it, everything. Nothing, just save your money and don’t buy this one. “

Testimonial Anonymous

“What a rip-off. I have been using it for 3 weeks, and no change at all. “

Testimonial Amanda

Dermisil Skin Tag Removal Ratings

  • 42%
    Bad Customer Support - 42%
  • 50%
    Uncertain Money Back Guarantee - 50%
  • 20%
    Unknown Time to see Results - 20%
  • 40%
    Bad User Reviews - 40%
  • 74%
    Neutral Smell - 74%
  • 46%
    Bad Cost / Results Ratio - 46%
  • 83%
    39,99$ Cost - 83%


Dermisil has several problems, including bad user reviews, can only be bought through vendors like Amazon who and many more, which until these problems are addressed, it would be probably better to just find another skin tag treatment.

User Review
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No Official Dermisil Website


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