Simple Steps To Rid Yourself From Stretch Marks On Your Legs Stretch Marks

Legs, one of the areas of your body that is not as exposed as other parts, but when stretch marks come around the perfect beach body with smooth skin goes out the window.

If left alone, the scars will always be there to a certain extent, yes they will heal over time, but this can take years and even then some slight marks remain.

Prevent them from even appearing

Even if you already have them, there is still a chance that even more of them will appear over time as long as the cause is still here (being overweight, muscle growth, puberty). For preventing them you have 3 options that you can take:

  • Getting your lifestyle in check – having the recommended body weight for your height will go a long way to preventing new stretches from appearing and will decrease the pressure that the excess fat is putting on your skin.
  • Same goes with food, if you eat healthy, it delivers enough nutrients to your body which in turn makes the skin stronger and less likely to rip itself apart.
  • Drinking a generous amount of water each day – water is the source of life and having enough of it each day not only helps skin combat its ailments, but also decreases chances of other non-skin diseases/problems.
  • Using prevention creams/ingredients – while your body is great at delivering nutrients, directly applying them for the skin to absorb them on your legs is a much faster and effective way. This way, it puts the nutrients to work right on the spot, producing more collagen which is the main reason your skin stays strong, smooth and elastic.

The best results will be seen when as many of these 3 points are done every day, therefore reducing the chance for you to get new stretch marks to almost zero. If your genes are at least decent in the skin department and you follow the above recommendations, you can live your life without ever experiencing any scars whatsoever.

Stretch marks on my legs! What to do about them?


If they are already here, then preventing is only useful as a mean to stop new ones from appearing.

But for many people, it only happens as a one time only rip, so removal is key here.

The legs are specially vulnerable for women as even if she is of average weight with barely any excess fat, it is usually all stored around the leg and buttocks area, which in most cases is enough to rip a part of a skin.

The same actually goes for men, but in their case it is the muscle gain that is more often the cause, as the muscles around the legs are the biggest, strongest and most likely to grow rapidly and stretch the skin apart.

Removing them is very dependent on your own circumstance, so first determine if you have red/purple(young) or white/silver(older) stretch marks.

Two Types Of Stretch Marks

  • YOUNG scarsyounger striae are the ones that can be treated better and more fully as they have yet to settle in and can be healed/changed to a great degree.
    • As with preventing, the healing will increase if you are decently active during the week, drink enough water and eat enough healthy foods.
    • But doing just these few steps is wasteful as you will only have one opportunity for them to be young so using a cream of some sort to speed up this process from a few years to a few weeks will put you into a great advantage at removing them as soon as possible and because they are young, you can achieve an almost perfect healing for your leg area(which means that unless you actively search for them, they will not be seen with the naked eye).
  • OLDER scarsfor older scars on the legs the plan of action is similar as with young ones.
    • Living, eating healthy and drinking enough water is recommended even you do not have stretch marks.
    • Also, external nutrients or applying some ingredients/creams will yield great benefits as well. The only difference is the speed of which the healing will go and the possible end results.
    • While it usually take a few weeks for younger ones to show results(if using a cream solution), with older ones it can take 2 – 3 months and more.
    • And even then, the results are very rarely on par with younger scars.
    • This is due to the older stretch marks being already healed, just like when a bone is broken, when it is half-healed, it is really easy to brake again, but when it is healed it becomes as strong as before.