Shoulder Stretch Marks, What To Do About Them ? Stretch Marks

The shoulder or even the armpit area (around the shoulder, just the other side) is one area which is very frequent to receive stretch marks.

Even more so for shoulders as the shoulder area is usually not padded under the skin and therefore needs much less pressure for it to rip.

So, what can you do about them?

First Prevent them if Possible!

prevent shoulder stretch marks

For example, if done correctly and using good methods, a woman can prevent striae from appearing on her tummy area.

  • While not 100%, it can be done.
  • With shoulders, this is a bit harder to do which shows the important step of preventing them before they even appear.
  • The strategy for prevention is pretty much the same as for any other area, moisturize, use a prevention cream if you want to be more certain of results and maintain a healthy physique.

Stretch marks on your shoulder mostly affects bodybuilders, since it does not take much mass to rip the skin, even more likely if you do not use any prevention methods.

However, women are not safe from either, so prevention is still the best method, if possible that is.

But I already have them, what to do?


Now, if you already have stretch marks on your shoulders or armpits, prevention becomes kind of pointless and removing or at least fading them comes more into play.

  • At this point if you decide to somehow (either commercial or homemade creams) give more nutrients to your skin, it will already have enough of a prevention effect so that new ones will not appear (unless you are still in pregnancy or are still building muscle mass).
  • So at this point most of your focus can be to remove them as efficiently as possible.
  • Rips on your shoulder usually appear either if you are overweight or as said before, gaining muscle mass.
  • In both cases, much more space gets occupied under your skin, giving pressure to the skin and ripping it slowly apart.

Removing Them Efficiently

While you have a good amount of ways to deal with this, generally the best course to follow is to be as less invasive as possible as both your armpit and shoulder skin is quite sensitive.

  • This means that severe procedures like skin or laser surgery are out of the question.
  • This also includes derma rolling which pierces your skin.. It would hurt a lot if done on the armpit.
  • Non invasive ways include applying removal creams to your body and taking care of your body as a whole.
  • In combination, it gives the best and safest results that you can achieve without resorting to any risky methods.

When deciding on a cream that you wish, take note of the color of your scars.